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Australian Labor Party hits panic button over carbon tax fears May 6, 2012

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ALP hits panic button over carbon tax fears

Daily Telegraph
May 06, 2012

JULIA Gillard’s frontbench has hit the panic button over the carbon tax with senior ministers warning it is “killing” the government, and others touting Greg Combet as a leadership option.

Divisions have erupted over the sales pitch and design of the tax, with some demanding the Prime Minister accelerate the planned move from a fixed to a floating carbon price, or boost planned compensation for struggling families.

Julia Gillard is standing firm but her frontbench are in despair. “The carbon tax is killing us,” a senior minister told The Sunday Telegraph.

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1. Aidan Donnelly - May 6, 2012

What is killing the Labor/Grren Cabal is the lies and ‘spin’ – They have lied to us far too much – we WILL bury both of them as soon as we get a chance, just as recently happened with the QLD State. They have done Australia immeasurable harm but, hopefuilly, they have awakened the ‘silent majority’. For the first time in many years the worker,the manager and the Employer are united in saying this government MUST go !!

2. RoHa - May 7, 2012

The big problem is that if we dump Labor (and we should) we will get a Coalition Government. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

3. julie - May 7, 2012

I will vote against the carbon tax. If I don’t like the Coalition government then I’ll quit voting for them.
I doubt the ALP would be stupid enough to try it on again.

4. TonyS - May 9, 2012

RoHa: At least the Lib/Nat has some sense of Australian pride and democracy still and aren’t selling the country out to eco-terrorist clap trap. And if we don’t like it, we can vote them out. My concern is that people will feel sorry that Labor will be in for such a big loss and vote for them anyway. Labor needs to be sent the strongest, most powerful lesson that they won’t misunderstand. They need to be left in tatters. The idiots in charge, who thought they could ignore the Australian voter, need to be run out of town in the most forceful way possible. There should be no misunderstanding and no mercy.

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