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Gillard faces revolt on economy June 10, 2012

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Gillard faces revolt on economy

NZ Herald
Jun 8, 2012

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces popular rebellion on key economic policies that could prompt their reversal if Labor loses power in the next election.

This includes the carbon tax due to begin on July 1 and its later evolution to an emissions trading scheme, and increasing foreign investment in mining and agricultural land, especially from China.

The latest annual Lowy Institute poll also shows Australians place little faith in the Government’s economic management, believing instead the minerals boom saved the nation from recession.

The poll’s findings on climate change policies present the most urgent issue for Gillard.

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1. James P - June 11, 2012

Gillard and her hopeless ‘Green’ policies are going to be responsible for the complete destruction of the Labor Party at the next election.

They have started to realise it, but like rabbits in the headlights they don’t have a clue what to do about it.

Labor is finished in Australia. The next 5 years will see the complete reversal of all of its appallingly irresponsible “environmental’ programs.

2. agwnonsense - June 11, 2012

Let us hope that WHOEVER owns the labour party doesn’t own the other side to.

3. RoHa - June 15, 2012

“Let us hope that WHOEVER owns the labour party doesn’t own the other side to.”

Faint hope.

The ALP sucks up to the US (the US is dominated by the Big Banks and Israel), Israel itself, and Chinese investors.

The Coalition sucks up to the US, Israel, and Chinese investors.

We might lose the carbon tax, but we”ll still get screwed either way.

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