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Gillard faces revolt on economy June 10, 2012

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Gillard faces revolt on economy

NZ Herald
Jun 8, 2012

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces popular rebellion on key economic policies that could prompt their reversal if Labor loses power in the next election.

This includes the carbon tax due to begin on July 1 and its later evolution to an emissions trading scheme, and increasing foreign investment in mining and agricultural land, especially from China.

The latest annual Lowy Institute poll also shows Australians place little faith in the Government’s economic management, believing instead the minerals boom saved the nation from recession.

The poll’s findings on climate change policies present the most urgent issue for Gillard.

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Australian Labor Party hits panic button over carbon tax fears May 6, 2012

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ALP hits panic button over carbon tax fears

Daily Telegraph
May 06, 2012

JULIA Gillard’s frontbench has hit the panic button over the carbon tax with senior ministers warning it is “killing” the government, and others touting Greg Combet as a leadership option.

Divisions have erupted over the sales pitch and design of the tax, with some demanding the Prime Minister accelerate the planned move from a fixed to a floating carbon price, or boost planned compensation for struggling families.

Julia Gillard is standing firm but her frontbench are in despair. “The carbon tax is killing us,” a senior minister told The Sunday Telegraph.

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Cancel all the crazy capers and repeal the insane taxes to stop the climate madness April 15, 2012

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Cancel all the crazy capers and repeal the insane taxes to stop the climate madness

By Viv Forbes
April 5 2012

Pretend for a moment that we wanted to forcibly reduce the production of carbon dioxide by Australians.

There are three ways to do it.

The first option is to levy a tax on every tonne of carbon dioxide produced. This assumes that if you tax something, less of it will be produced. This is phase 1 of the Gillard/Greens scheme. Tax payers rate this the “least worst” scheme because it is simple, easily demonised and easily abolished once it becomes obvious that it is achieving no climate benefits at great cost.

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Breaking: Julia Gillard repeals Carbon Tax March 31, 2012

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Julia Gillard repeals Carbon Tax

Australia: April 1, 2012

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has announced she will be repealing Australia’s $23 per tonne Carbon Tax, which was due to be implemented on 1 July 2012.

She said it was embarrassing trying to defend her climate change advisors whose predictions kept failing. “It’s one thing when experts make predictions and they are slightly wrong,” she said “but when the complete opposite happens, then there is something drastically wrong.  It’s clear to me now that the sun drives climate change. The Carbon Tax will therefore not be implemented on 1 July.”

She was referring to the numerous predictions made of permanent drought in Australia due to man made global warming. Australia has since experienced record breaking flooding. Also 2011 was Australia’s coldest year in a decade, defying an established trend to higher temperatures.

“All funds to man-made climate change research will be stopped with immediate effect” she said “instead, the millions of dollars will be put into cancer research. With this massive increase in funding to cancer research, we expect to find a cure for cancer within the next 5 years.”

1st April 2012 (April Fools)

A Tim Flannery Cartoon February 18, 2012

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A Tim Flannery cartoon

There is a hilariously funny cartoon by John Spooner from, The Age (Click here to View) . The Age is normally a warmist publication so it was quite a surprise to see it there.


Julia Gillard to Tim Flannery (top picture)
“Tim, sorry to drag you in like this. I’m not that upset that you were so wrong about water shortages now that we’re drowing in the stuff. And how were you to know that there would be no statistically significant increase in warming for the last 15 years of increasing CO2 emissions.”

Julia Gillard to Tim Flannery: (lower image)
“No! I want to know why I pay you 10 times what Bob Carter gets and he still wins the argument!”

The cartoon is in light of the recent Heartland leak. For our non-Australian visitors, the lady on the left-hand side is our Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and on the right is Australian Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery. Professor Bob Carter is one of Australia’s leading geologists and a climate realist.

Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery is very much a joke in Australia, he has a list of failed climate change predictions as long as my arm. He gets paid a taxpayer funded $180,000, three-day-a-week salary for his role as part-time chairman of the Australian Government’s Climate Commission.

There’s a saying that when Flannery tells you that your city is about to run out of  water, move to higher ground and invest in an umbrella company.

Also Construction of the Flannery Centre($7.5 million taxpayer funded sustainability shack), named after Tim Flannery who predicted ”the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems” in a permanently drier ”new climate”, has been again delayed. By rain.

Why did you lie to us Julia? July 14, 2011

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Why did you lie to us Julia?

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Australian Prime Minister announces carbon dioxide tax and temperatures in Australia plummet! July 10, 2011

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Australian Prime Minister announces carbon dioxide tax and temperatures in Australia plummet!

Wow, Australian PM Julia (or Juliar as she is called in Aus) Gillard announces her carbon dioxide tax to stop global warming and temperatures drop! Can we cancel the tax now Juliar.

Via Weatherzone

Much of southern Queensland experienced its coldest night in several years as temperatures plumetted five to 10 degrees below average.

The coldest area was inland, where frost was severe. In the Maranoa, Roma dipped to minus five degrees, their coldest night in 14 years.

Now that Julia Gillard has stopped global warming, we have seen some immediate benefits, like the decrease in crime in the Australian capital of Canberra…

Via The Canberra Times

Canberra: too cold for crime
Cold weather over the weekend has helped keep the number of criminal incidents a little lower than usual, as people opted to stay indoors.