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Climate Change Alarmism Timeline 1895-2009 August 2, 2009

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Climate Change Timeline – 1895-2009

Via But Now You Know

There is most certainly a pattern to climate change…but it’s not what you may think:

For at least 114 years, climate “scientists” have been claiming that the climate was going to kill us…but they have kept switching whether it was a coming ice age, or global warming.

  • 1895 Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again New York Times, February 1895
  • 1902 – “Disappearing Glaciers…deteriorating slowly, with a persistency that means their final annihilation…scientific fact…surely disappearing.” – Los Angeles Times
  • 1912 Prof. Schmidt Warns Us of an Encroaching Ice AgeNew York Times, October 1912
  • 1923 – “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada” – Professor Gregory of Yale University, American representative to the Pan-Pacific Science Congress, – Chicago Tribune
  • 1923 – “The discoveries of changes in the sun’s heat and the southward advance of glaciers in recent years have given rise to conjectures of the possible advent of a new ice age” – Washington Post
  • 1924 MacMillan Reports Signs of New Ice Age New York Times, Sept 18, 1924
  • 1929 – “Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that it will continue to get warmer” – Los Angeles Times, in Is another ice age coming?
  • 1932 – “If these things be true, it is evident, therefore that we must be just teetering on an ice age” – The Atlantic magazine, This Cold, Cold World
  • 1933 America in Longest Warm Spell Since 1776; Temperature Line Records a 25-Year Rise New York Times, March 27th, 1933
  • 1933 – “…wide-spread and persistent tendency toward warmer weather…Is our climate changing?” – Federal Weather Bureau “Monthly Weather Review.”
  • 1938 – Global warming, caused by man heating the planet with carbon dioxide, “is likely to prove beneficial to mankind in several ways, besides the provision of heat and power.”– Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
  • 1938 – “Experts puzzle over 20 year mercury rise…Chicago is in the front rank of thousands of cities thuout the world which have been affected by a mysterious trend toward warmer climate in the last two decades” – Chicago Tribune
  • 1939 – “Gaffers who claim that winters were harder when they were boys are quite right… weather men have no doubt that the world at least for the time being is growing warmer” – Washington Post
  • 1952 – “…we have learned that the world has been getting warmer in the last half century” – New York Times, August 10th, 1962
  • 1954 – “…winters are getting milder, summers drier. Glaciers are receding, deserts growing” – U.S. News and World Report
  • 1954 Climate – the Heat May Be OffFortune Magazine
  • 1959 – “Arctic Findings in Particular Support Theory of Rising Global Temperatures” – New York Times
  • 1969 – “…the Arctic pack ice is thinning and that the ocean at the North Pole may become an open sea within a decade or two” – New York Times, February 20th, 1969
  • 1970 – “…get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters – the worst may be yet to come…there’s no relief in sight” – Washington Post
  • 1974 – Global cooling for the past forty years – Time Magazine
  • 1974 – “Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age” – Washington Post
  • 1974 – “As for the present cooling trend a number of leading climatologists have concluded that it is very bad news indeed” – Fortune magazine, who won a Science Writing Award from the American Institute of Physics for its analysis of the danger
  • 1974 – “…the facts of the present climate change are such that the most optimistic experts would assign near certainty to major crop failure…mass deaths by starvation, and probably anarchy and violence” – New York Times
  • Cassandras are becoming
    increasingly apprehensive,
    for the weather
    aberrations they are
    studying may be the
    harbinger of another
    ice age
  • 1975 Scientists Ponder Why World’s Climate is Changing; A Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be InevitableNew York Times, May 21st, 1975
  • 1975 – “The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind” Nigel Calder, editor, New Scientist magazine, in an article in International Wildlife Magazine
  • 1976 – “Even U.S. farms may be hit by cooling trend” – U.S. News and World Report
  • 1981 – Global Warming – “of an almost unprecedented magnitude” – New York Times
  • 1988 – I would like to draw three main conclusions. Number one, the earth is warmer in 1988 than at any time in the history of instrumental measurements. Number two, the global warming is now large enough that we can ascribe with a high degree of confidence a cause and effect relationship to the greenhouse effect. And number three, our computer climate simulations indicate that thegreenhouse effect is already large enough to begin to effect the probability of extreme events such as summer heat waves. – Jim Hansen, June 1988 testimony before Congress, see His later quote and His superior’s objection for context
  • 1989 -”On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but – which means that we must include all doubts, the caveats, the ifs, ands and buts. On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings as well. And like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climate change. To do that we need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, means getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This “double ethical bind” we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both.” – Stephen Schneider, lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Discover magazine, October 1989
  • 1990 – “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing – in terms of economic policy and environmental policy” – Senator Timothy Wirth
  • 1993 – “Global climate change may alter temperature and rainfall patterns, many scientists fear, with uncertain consequences for agriculture.” – U.S. News and World Report
  • 1998 – No matter if the science [of global warming] is all phony . . . climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” —Christine Stewart, Canadian Minister of the Environment, Calgary Herald, 1998
  • 2001 – “Scientists no longer doubt that global warming is happening, and almost nobody questions the fact that humans are at least partly responsible.” – Time Magazine, Monday, Apr. 09, 2001
  • 2003 – Emphasis on extreme scenarios may have been appropriate at one time, when the public and decision-makers were relatively unaware of the global warming issue, and energy sources such as “synfuels,” shale oil and tar sands were receiving strong consideration” – Jim Hansen, NASA Global Warming activist, Can we defuse The Global Warming Time Bomb?, 2003
  • 2006 – “I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.” — Al Gore, Grist magazine, May 2006
  • Now: The global mean temperature has fallen for two years in a row, which is why you stopped hearing details about the actual global temperature, even while they carry on about taxing you to deal with it…how long before they start predicting an ice age?

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1. Special K - August 3, 2009

This is a useful summary
Of “headlines”spanning the past century or so
Reporting in essence what we’ve had most to fear, intermittently,
Either summers longer and hotter, or more winter snow.

Publication of this summary
In the New York Times and the Washington Post
Very likely would stop climate change promoters in their tracks
And cause Al Gore’s carbon credit firm Al Gore to give up the ghost.

2. Bob Carter - September 23, 2009

It would probably be illustrative to compare this “timeline” to what was being published in scientific journals. Magazines like Fortune are hardly credible on this topic.

3. Special K - September 23, 2009

“Now: The global mean temperature has fallen for two years in a row, which is why you stopped hearing details about the actual global temperature, even while they carry on about taxing you to deal with it…how long before they start predicting an ice age?”

A cooling trend has actually been projected
By a highly respected UN climate change expert,
Who didn’t specify whether or not the precipitating agent
Would be those greenhouse gases, inert,
That he earlier said would cause temperature elevation
Or some other anthropogenic and/or natural events
That for earth’s cooling would be deemed the causation.

But this reader is more interested in the quoted comment, above,
That suggests actual knowledge of “global average temperature”–
Precise values for which are not cited, even though it’s measured value
Is something about which we should be very sure.

Where can today’s “global average temperature” (GAT) data be found?
If such data are available why aren’t pertinent GAT values cited
In every article published that blames an increase in GAT for climate change
(About which, in the absence of GAT data, why should we get excited)?

4. Lolz - November 5, 2009

This is to Bob Carter

Which is more important:

The Climatology Journal’s readership patting each other on the back and clapping for an article

Or the readership of FORTUNE and THE NEW YORK TIMES being convinced the sky is falling?

5. Girma - November 9, 2009

Is it by accident that the cover of Time above, about global cooling and warming, matches the peak and valley of the oscillating component of mean global temperature anomaly?

6. twawki - November 9, 2009

As the world cools itll be interesting to see how they try and dance around reality


7. Jeff - December 16, 2009

It is interesting that this timeline only covers the media stories, we all know that the media is alarmist.

I wish you would put some actual scientist claims and predictions, it would be a credible timeline.

All this shows is that the Media will do anything to sell a few papers.

8. SLRTX - March 8, 2010

Interesting set of headlines. What about a timeline of the science? Take a look at this.


Thanks for this list. I’ll add parts to my list to contrast how the media (and popular belief) often gets the science wrong.

9. Special K (NJ) - March 9, 2010

What an endless debate
Over something that’s said to be taking place
That hasn’t been shown so to be
But still threatens the entire human race.

10. Blake Key - December 8, 2011

I remember in the 70’s my science teacher talking about the coming ice age and how you couldn’t aurgue, the science was in and it scared me.I think the only certainy is that climate change is real,but climate certainy isn’t! Cut the scientist research money off and problem solved.

11. roachstaugustine - December 19, 2011

Simply observing the weather can be difficult. Analyzing ground data is still a challenge. Satellite readings of temperate are often inaccurate, sometimes by more than 10 degrees F .
Thus forecasts can be a problem even with advanced computing.
One questions is with all these issues, how can anyone reliably predict changes over years ?
I have read that recently there has been ice in the Amazon !
There have been abnormally cold temperature in the Andes near the Equator .The weather is very random. The whole man made global warming is nonsense.

SpecialK - December 19, 2011

Al Gore and those in his camp want to have it both ways: Mann-made global warming leads to climate change leads to atypically cold as well as atypically warm weather patterns. Data on average annual global temperature (AAGT) archived at nasa.com for the period 1880 – 2009, indicate a 1.4 degree (F) increase in AAGT, by decade, 1880-89 to 2000-2008. What this means for weather patterns, quien sabe? And, of course, who or what was responsible for the change is completely unclear.

Few would deny the fact of pollution and most would work for a local, national and international solution. Why posit the goal of climate control? Strive to clean up the atmosphere, and if successful, stand up and cheer. If Al Gore and his followers by chance should happen to be right, global warming would be stopped in its tracks–a win-win situation for the planet, or so it seems from here..

12. Christopher Skyi - February 4, 2012

I agree. I think it’s just difficult to believe that climate change (this incarnation of it) could “end the world” as we know it (see http://tinyurl.com/3cxdouj & http://tinyurl.com/7yezx26 & http://tinyurl.com/82qjew7 ). Reasonable estimates for temp. increase are about 3 C, at the high end, by the end of this century, i.e., 90 years from now, which wouldn’t be good but it’s hardly the end of the world. Same with rising sea levels: reasonable predictions suggest a rise by the end of the century that will be more than manageable.

More to the point, if you’re really worried about the end of the world, it can easily happen, and not in 90 years but in less than 90 minutes. In 30 minutes in fact.

20 years after the fall of the U.S.S.R. and the end of the cold war, 1000s of multi-megaton thermonuclear weapons remain on high alert. The chances of an accidental small or all out massive nuclear exchange are far from zero and we’ve had several very close calls w/in the last 50 years, the most serious in 1994 when Yeltsin actually had to open his nuclear football to enter launch release codes before they figured out that the missile their early warning radar was tracking was carrying a weather station into space.

Today, the U.S. & Russia have a combined strategic nuclear force of about 6000 multi-megaton thermonuclear weapons, 3000 on each side, not counting reserves after a first strike or retaliation. An attack with just two 1-megaton nuclear warheads would unleash explosive power equivalent to that caused by all the bombs used during World War II. Today, each of these 6000 multi-megaton weapons on high alert are at least 1-2 megtons and hundreds are in the 5-10 megaton range (designed to obliterate large cities, e.g., NYC, Chicago, etc., and kill 10 million people in quarter of a second).

http://www.nucleardarkness.org works through the consequences of even a small exchange. Where as climate change predicts, at worst, a 2-3 C rise in global temp. over the coming century, a small nuclear exchange would drop global temps of at least that w/in 24 hours. An out all exchange would drop temps by up to 10 C. Basically, this will be a man made ice-age, and it would only take a few hours to create it, killing 100s of millions in the process and ending both civilization and history w/in the same time frame. Oh, and radioactive fallout would blanket much of the planet.

Steven Starr, senior scientist with Physicians for Social Responsibility, said research makes clear the environmental consequences of a U.S.-Russian nuclear war: “If these weapons are detonated in the large cities of either of their nations, they will cause such catastrophic damage to the global environment that the Earth will become virtually uninhabitable for most humans and many other complex forms of life.” And it would only take 24 hours to create these conditions.

Climate change has nothing on accidental or deliberate nuclear war.

Why haven’t we had an accidental exchange? We’ve been lucky, many times, but if you keep doing something dangerous, sooner or later, your luck runs out. We need to de-alert these massive weapon systems now. We need serious disarmament now. For those of us old enough to remember the cold war days . . . climate change is a problem but hardly the end of the world . . .

13. Alex - February 11, 2012

I have found a perfect correlation of the modern global(late 20th century) warming and computers:
The more computer (climate models) we have the ‘warmer’ our planet gets.

My solution to save the planet from global warming:
Destroy all computer climate models.

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