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Heavy ice could delay start of Shell Alaska’s Arctic drilling June 1, 2012

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Heavy ice could delay start of Shell Alaska’s Arctic drilling

The Kansas City Star
May. 26, 2012

SEATTLE — The heaviest polar ice in more than a decade could postpone the start of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean until the beginning of August, a delay of up to two weeks, Shell Alaska officials said.

Unveiling a newly refurbished ice-class rig that is poised to begin drilling two exploratory wells this summer in the Beaufort Sea, Shell executives said Friday that the unusually robust sea ice would further narrow what already is a tight window for operations. The company’s $4-billion program is designed to measure the extent of what could be the United States’ most important new inventory of oil and gas.

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1. Robert James - June 9, 2012

Some would say due to global warming, others may say it a globull warning.

2. Sam - February 12, 2013

People should stop using the term “global warming” it gives a false sense of the real culprit “Climate Change” there are 21 instances of the “First Time Ever” climate events in 2012, just one every single state had snow 1st time.. ever. In Australia the hottest ever day time temps. I can on about this in a hundred or so events. But the point is Man Made Climate Change is real

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