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Global Warming Proof: Expansion of Antarctic sea ice March 31, 2013

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Expanding ice ‘may keep Antarctic cool’

April 01, 2013

GLOBAL warming has led to more sea ice near Antarctica – a situation that scientists say could help keep the region cool amid rising temperatures.

A Dutch study says that unlike in the Arctic region, sea ice around Antarctica has expanded at a significant rate since 1985.

Published online in Nature Geoscience, the article suggests cool freshwater from melt beneath the Antarctic ice shelves has insulated offshore sea ice from the warming ocean beneath.

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1. karin1941 - April 1, 2013

This article simply does not make sense.

2. roberts - April 1, 2013

What’s with these alarmist scientists.
They said global warming would cause catastrophic ice melts at the poles causing the seas to rise 20 to 200 meters.
Now they are saying that is not going to happen because the warming is actually causing more cooling?!

What planet are they living on in their minds.
I think they are just a bunch of looneys after the money pot that these socialist governments keep offering them just to keep the global warming scare going.
I wish they would just go away, in other words PHISS OFF.

BY the way, it’s a scientific fact that it takes a couple of hundred years to warm up the oceans.
So today’s warm oceans would have come from an event that occured a couple of hundred years ago, maybe like the medieval warming period which Michael Mann tried to make go away in his hockey stick graph.

karin1941 - April 1, 2013

Well said Roberts! I am so tired of these ridiculous “scientists”, I also wish they would just PHISS OFF – LOL!

3. roberts - April 1, 2013

Quote: “Changes in sea ice can significantly modulate climate change because of its high reflective and strong insulating nature, the paper says.”

Was’nt it only a few short years ago when all these ipcc scientists were wringing their hands in despair and crying that the planet was doomed because of global warming.
And they knew this for a fact because their computers said so.

The poles are at the parts of the planet that get insignificant amounts of direct sunlight, that’s why it ices up.
So this so called highly reflective nature they talk about really does not matter because of that.

I believe the scientists that say we are in an ice age so long as there is ice at the poles, because that makes sense.
What makes sense too is that we are in an interglacial period with a heavy duty ice age just around the corner.

Some thing to think about: Out there in space the temperature is minus 270 celcius.
The only thing keeping us warm is that yellow ball in the sky 154,000,000
kilometers away.
And of course our blanket of nitrogen and oxygen with a lot of water vapour from the oceans which also absorb heat from the sun.
Water is a very fascinating element.
It expands when heated but turns to a gas when over heated.
It sinks when cooled but floats when frozen.
Water cannot be compressed yet it can be made to expand by freezing as many cracked engine blocks have found out in winter.
If placed in a sauce pan the temp of the pan will not go beyond the boiling point of water.
When water turns to steam it also cools just like any compressed gas.
Water is also a universal solvent.
It is also a life giving drink.

Please feel free to add to these.

4. klem - April 4, 2013

You alarmists have to stop claiming that everything is caused by global warming. Global warming was blamed for ice melt last year, now its blamed for ice growth this year. Sorry folks but you can’t have it both ways.

To have it both ways is a denial of science.


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