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Low CO2 Snow vs. High CO2 Snow July 27, 2011

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Low CO2 Snow vs. High CO2 Snow

Via Steven Goddard, 27 July 2011

Significant snow storms have occurred in Christchurch in 1862, 1895, 1896, 1901, 1918, 1945, 1992 and 2006 (and 2011)


The earlier storms were due to a low CO2 atmosphere, and the more recent storms are the direct result of a high CO2 atmosphere. Low CO2 snow is white, whereas high CO2 snow is white.


Respect the science and don’t call CO2 a pollutant July 20, 2011

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Respect the science and don’t call CO2 a pollutant

Ziggy Switkowski
The Australian, 20 July 2011

WHY do we allow our political leaders and the commentariat to refer to carbon dioxide as a pollutant instead of a greenhouse gas?

Some time ago, politicians or their advisers decided a clever way to frame the climate change debate was to label carbon dioxide as a pollutant: hence the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Of course, in 2015 our government proposes to move to an emissions trading scheme, which has a better resonance than a pollution trading scheme, were they to be consistent. I believe in the science of climate change and the role of greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, from household and industrial use of fossil fuels.

But I am offended by the manipulation of the argument by deliberately coding CO2 as a pollutant, which it is not, and implying some environmental agenda where there is none.

When fossil fuels such as coal, gas and petrol are burned, there are a number of by-products.

Particulate matter that is not filtered from exhausts and escapes from smokestacks is polluting and contributes to smog and serious respiratory and other community health problems, such as widely experienced in China with its many coal-fired power stations and old technology. Paradoxically, particle emissions contribute to global cooling but are definitely pollution.

Gases such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide arising from the combustion of coal can cause acid rain; they also are pollution.

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Why did you lie to us Julia? July 14, 2011

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Why did you lie to us Julia?

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Australian Prime Minister announces carbon dioxide tax and temperatures in Australia plummet! July 10, 2011

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Australian Prime Minister announces carbon dioxide tax and temperatures in Australia plummet!

Wow, Australian PM Julia (or Juliar as she is called in Aus) Gillard announces her carbon dioxide tax to stop global warming and temperatures drop! Can we cancel the tax now Juliar.

Via Weatherzone

Much of southern Queensland experienced its coldest night in several years as temperatures plumetted five to 10 degrees below average.

The coldest area was inland, where frost was severe. In the Maranoa, Roma dipped to minus five degrees, their coldest night in 14 years.

Now that Julia Gillard has stopped global warming, we have seen some immediate benefits, like the decrease in crime in the Australian capital of Canberra…

Via The Canberra Times

Canberra: too cold for crime
Cold weather over the weekend has helped keep the number of criminal incidents a little lower than usual, as people opted to stay indoors.