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Understanding Man-Made Climate Change December 5, 2008

Posted by honestclimate in humour.
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Understanding Man-Made Climate Change

By the blogowner, honestclimate, December 5, 2008

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1. Bruce Cobb - December 12, 2008

Record cold, snow, and ice can also mean “climate change” (man-made, of course), caused by (what else) man-made global warming. Man-made climate change is the ultimate bogeyman. Anything man does contributes to it, and nothing disproves it.
It is indeed, a religion.

2. Henry Galt - December 14, 2008

That’s the funniest thing I have seen in ages. I needed cheering up, thank you.

I find myself (a usually happy-go-lucky type) increasingly angered by the people who ignore their environment yet harp on about nothing else.

And *they* want to prosecute *us*.

3. honestclimate - December 16, 2008

Also be sure to see my post on “How to deal with a Global Warming skeptic in a cooling world” 😉


4. sahar009 - December 28, 2008

Well that certainly clears things up. Although I already have a PhD, so I already knew this 😛

5. Marg - August 19, 2009

Let us not forget that man-made climate change is real as it causes volatility when flying…


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