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About this blog:

This weblog has been created to discuss anthropogenic (man-made) global warming and climate change.

Everyday we hear news about a climate catastrophe somewhere in the world and it’s almost always attributed to human induced climate change.

The media tells us there is a consensus on the science, the debate is over, and that human Co2 is the main driver of climate change. This is not true, the debate is NOT over!

The world is no warmer today than it was in 1998 and yet C02 levels are at record high levels and a recent cooling trend has begun. Clearly natural forces must therefore have a larger impact on the earth’s climate than human C02.

A few years back when the Northern hemisphere had extremely cold winters, we were told it’s simply weather and that climate was a long term phenomenon.  But the exceptionally cold winters kept coming and eventually we were told that this is global warming! Unbelievable! Is this science? Sounds more like religion to me!

Climate changes, always has and always will. In the mean time there are other global issues we can do something about, like finding a cure for cancer, instead of squandering millions on trying to change the climate, something we have no control of.

After all, Mother Nature doesn’t care much for computer model predictions or “science by consensus”. What looked good in theory is clearly not happening in the real world.

I started on my journey into the climate science debate, a few years ago, when I decided to listen to both sides of the debate and research the facts for myself. I attended many presentations by scientists on both sides. When attending alarmist presentations I was told the science was settled and that there is a consensus and that people on the skeptic side were “in the pay of big oil”. When I attended skeptic presentations I was told to question everything on both sides.

Wow what a contrast. And so I did exactly that, I researched everything for myself. I found that the temperature increase was not statistically significant and that contrary to what people like Al Gore were saying, that the polar bear population was in fact increasing.

The annoying thing about the climate debate is the clear hypocrisy and double standards. Why can’t we just have a debate with climate scientists on both sides? Why do alarmist scientists attack the man, instead of playing the ball? Why do they try to ban free speech when it comes to dissenting views? Why don’t they show the data behind their research? What have they got to hide?

WARNING: If your favourite pastime is watching re-runs of “An Inconvenient Truth” all day long, then do not read this blog. You have been warned!

About the owner of this blog:

The owner(honestclimate) of this blog brings you the other side of the debate by exposing the inconvenient truths about the man-made climate change theory and..

– Loves the planet.

– Doesn’t own a car, preferring to use a bicycle as a means to keeping fit.

– Is a non-smoker who despises Big Tobacco. (Isn’t it strange how carbon dioxide has been classified as a pollutant, but smoking is still legal!)

– Has no links with Big Oil.

– Hates all politicians, but some more than others!





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