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Campaigns rise as carbon tax comes into play July 1, 2012

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Campaigns rise as carbon tax comes into play

The Age
Jul 01, 2012

Around 100 people braved icy conditions in central Melbourne this afternoon to protest against the carbon tax on the steps of state Parliament.

Controversial broadcaster Alan Jones was joined by federal Liberal Victorian MPs, including Sophie Mirabella and Bruce Billson, to denounce the scheme.

Mr Jones said some businesses would collapse as they found themelves unable to remain competitive after passing the tax on.

He said Prime Minister Julia Gillard had shattered the public’s faith in politics by backflipping on her pre-election pledge not to introduce the tax.

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1. bushbunny - July 2, 2012

Yes and their anti-carbon tax campaign is over the top and people sense it. I had a letter sent by Tony Windsor (last year) as I was complaining about the AGW campaign and his belief in the hysteria regarding this based on false scientific data, that suggested the coalition also believed in climate change.(Who doesn’t? It’s the causes that are debated and the solution to stop climate change) I forwarded it to Julie Bishop and she replied the coalition was committed to reducing greenhouse emissions through their direct action plan for the environment. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions? I replied of course, mainly suggesting nothing was wrong with greenhouse gases, its pollution I suspect they meant. I just object to this present government period and their reliance on the premise AGW is responsible for the changes in climate and the weather.

2. Mervyn - July 2, 2012

I understand why people want to hold protests over the carbon tax. But it is too late now. The price on carbon (carbon tax) has been established in law. Live with it because it certainly is not going to be changed in any way, or withdrawn, by Gillard.

I say to people, just get on with life. The next election is the time to express your protest against the carbon tax. We can do to her what Queensland voters did to Anna Bligh.

3. bushbunny - July 3, 2012

Of course it will effect prices but it won’t do anything to cool the planet although they will attribute their carbon tax is doing just that. Remember Penny Wong last election night. When asked if labor’s losses were because Kevin Rudd dumped the ETS, and Julia said there would be no carbon tax in a government I lead? She replied,
No – the planet is cooling. And recently ‘without the carbon tax we can’t bring the budget back into the blue’.

4. Tom Harris - November 3, 2012

It is very sad to see Australia crippling itself on such a foolish idea that they could have an even measurable impact on global climate by taxing their carbon dioxide emissions. At least what you folks are going through can serve as an example of what the rest of the world should avoid.

5. Doug Cotton - December 21, 2012

All should read the breaking news here, from which I quote:

” This story is huge. America’s prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and related government bodies found no greenhouse effect in Earth’s atmosphere. Evidence shows the U.S. government held the smoking gun all along – a fresh examination of an overlooked science report proves America’s brightest and best had shown the White House that the greenhouse gas effect was not real and of no scientific significance since 1979 or earlier.”

For those who have been following the research by myself and others from among nearly 200 members at Principia Scientific International, I’d like to draw your attention to an Appendix now added to my current paper.

Have a Happy Christmas everyone!

Doug Cotton

6. newclimatechangetheory - January 18, 2013

It’s not just a standstill. It’s a 30 year natural slight decline from 1998 to 2028. Read what Geoff Wood (qualified in astrophysics) has explained ..


The following are excerpts ..

“As Doug has said about a dozen times, gravity modifies the mean free path between collisions. That is ‘every’ upward, ‘every’ downward ‘every’ sideways, ‘every’, ‘every’ free molecular path between collisions is modified. Therefore it is impossible for the modified ‘collisions’ that result, not to impart the gravitational ‘information’ into the macroscopic development of the gravitational thermal profile. This is the ‘diffusion’ process.

“At this point, we have a reasonable depiction of the thermal profile of ANY atmosphere. FROM BASIC PHYSICS.

“Given a simple reason why any atmosphere tends towards this isentropic profile as depicted and described by entry level physics, why would anyone look for a more complicated reason to explain what we already know!”

The point which Geoff and I make is that the “33 degrees of warming” supposedly caused by water vapour and carbon dioxide etc was already there due to the effect of gravity on the atmosphere. This happens on all planets, and also fully explains why the poles of Venus are over 720K, even though they receive less than 1W/m^2 of direct insolation from the Sun. For more detail read my article “The 21st Century New Paradigm Shift in Climate Change Science” easily found with Google. I’ve also recorded an introductory 10 minute video here http://youtu.be/r8YbyfqUvfY

Doug Cotton

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