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Respect the science and don’t call CO2 a pollutant July 20, 2011

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Respect the science and don’t call CO2 a pollutant

Ziggy Switkowski
The Australian, 20 July 2011

WHY do we allow our political leaders and the commentariat to refer to carbon dioxide as a pollutant instead of a greenhouse gas?

Some time ago, politicians or their advisers decided a clever way to frame the climate change debate was to label carbon dioxide as a pollutant: hence the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Of course, in 2015 our government proposes to move to an emissions trading scheme, which has a better resonance than a pollution trading scheme, were they to be consistent. I believe in the science of climate change and the role of greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, from household and industrial use of fossil fuels.

But I am offended by the manipulation of the argument by deliberately coding CO2 as a pollutant, which it is not, and implying some environmental agenda where there is none.

When fossil fuels such as coal, gas and petrol are burned, there are a number of by-products.

Particulate matter that is not filtered from exhausts and escapes from smokestacks is polluting and contributes to smog and serious respiratory and other community health problems, such as widely experienced in China with its many coal-fired power stations and old technology. Paradoxically, particle emissions contribute to global cooling but are definitely pollution.

Gases such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide arising from the combustion of coal can cause acid rain; they also are pollution.

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1. bushbunny - July 20, 2011

She’s tried. Pollution is heavy particles like soot, and it is nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. One comment on her page was someone who suggested that if he filled a bottle with
Melbourne air at 8.45 am and filled it with water, would she drink it.
I replied ‘Of course as H20 displaces the air, but if you consider
C02 is only 1% of air then what’s there to worry about – But if you filled a plastic bag with his car exhaust and then asked me to breath it in, I would probably want him charged with attempted murder.

2. Oliver K. Manuel - July 20, 2011

CO2 is a gaseous form of plant food.

Today, I am pleased to note the certain demise of politically-motivated consensus science that produced the currently dangerous stand-off in Washington DC and now threatens the very fabric of our entire world order:


There is no doubt that scientific reality will win, but more than victory we desperately need to find a path to resolution that will allow leaders of governments, scientific and news organizations to “save face” and stop using of politically-motivated consensus science as a tool of government propaganda.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA Principal
Investigator for Apollo
NASA NGR 26-003-057

3. Richard Welch - October 18, 2011

Calling CO2 a pollutant is of course borderline idiocy. It is now well established that CO2 does not cause warming. It actually works the other way around: Warming produces more CO2. The recent rise in this benign trace gas is then a result of a natural warming trend, a frequent feature of the erratic Pleistocene climate. Both the historic pattern and geopulsation theory indicate we are reaching the peak of the present interglacial (warm) period.(see Roots of Cataclysm, Algora Publ. NY 2009). This will be followed, as always, by another glacial phase. Long term, prepare for a massive migration of Canadians into Dixie.

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