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Respect the science and don’t call CO2 a pollutant July 20, 2011

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Respect the science and don’t call CO2 a pollutant

Ziggy Switkowski
The Australian, 20 July 2011

WHY do we allow our political leaders and the commentariat to refer to carbon dioxide as a pollutant instead of a greenhouse gas?

Some time ago, politicians or their advisers decided a clever way to frame the climate change debate was to label carbon dioxide as a pollutant: hence the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Of course, in 2015 our government proposes to move to an emissions trading scheme, which has a better resonance than a pollution trading scheme, were they to be consistent. I believe in the science of climate change and the role of greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, from household and industrial use of fossil fuels.

But I am offended by the manipulation of the argument by deliberately coding CO2 as a pollutant, which it is not, and implying some environmental agenda where there is none.

When fossil fuels such as coal, gas and petrol are burned, there are a number of by-products.

Particulate matter that is not filtered from exhausts and escapes from smokestacks is polluting and contributes to smog and serious respiratory and other community health problems, such as widely experienced in China with its many coal-fired power stations and old technology. Paradoxically, particle emissions contribute to global cooling but are definitely pollution.

Gases such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide arising from the combustion of coal can cause acid rain; they also are pollution.

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Carbon dioxide emissions drop in 2008 May 21, 2009

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Carbon dioxide emissions drop in 2008

Yahoo News, May 21, 2009

WASHINGTON – There is a positive note to the country’s economic woes and last summer’s $4-per-gallon gasoline: The nation in 2008 had a record decline in the amount of climate-changing carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

The government reported Wednesday that energy-related carbon dioxide emissions declined by 2.8 percent last year compared to 2007, the largest annual drop since the government began regular reporting of greenhouse gas pollution.

Emissions from the residential sector fell 1.2 percent. A colder winter caused more emissions in winter, but that was countered by a cooler summer that required less use of air conditioning, the EIA report said. Overall, electric power companies saw emissions decline 2.1 percent. While much of that drop was economy related, some was attributed to greater use of wind turbines for electricity production.

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Ray Evans: Thank God for Carbon January 18, 2009

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Ray Evans: Thank God for Carbon

From the Australian Conservative, January 13, 2009

AC | January 13 2009

Thank God for Carbon is the title of a forthcoming Lavoisier Tract by Ray Evans. The publication will be launched by Senator Cory Bernardi in Adelaide on 27 January. Here is an excerpt from the overview:

Despite the gravity of the economic crisis arising from the collapse of financial and credit markets in the US and from thence to Europe and to the rest of the world, the Rudd Government continues to proceed with drafting legislation which will require emitters of carbon dioxide, notably coal-fired power stations, to purchase permits to continue to operate. This scheme of decarbonisation is based on the notion that anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (the consequence of burning fossil fuels) have caused, and will continue to cause, global warming. Because ‘carbon’ fits more easily into newspaper headlines than does ‘carbon dioxide’, carbon has been substituted for carbon dioxide in political discourse, and has become the target of legislation.

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From NZ Climate Science

“There is no scientific theory linking carbon dioxide to the ‘runaway’ global warming that is the basis of the calamitous predictions. The contribution of the gas to the making of a comfortable planet by the greenhouse effect is well understood, modest and self-limiting.

It is only turned into a terror by computer models. These are worthless; depending as they do on extensive guesswork about the ill-understood mechanisms and interactions involved in climate, and involving so many tunable parameters and feedback factors that they could produce any desired result by appropriate tweaking. A quarter of a century ago, before science came under firm bureaucratic control, such models would have been laughed out of court.”  John Brignell’s brilliant summary.   LINK

The same man who wants to classify carbon dioxide as a “dangerous pollutant” now wants to bankrupt the coal industry November 3, 2008

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The same man who wants to classify carbon dioxide as a “dangerous pollutant” now wants to bankrupt the coal industry.

By the blogowner, honestclimate, November 3, 2008

Last month Barack Obama wanted to classify carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant.

Now he wants to bankrupt coal plants, the mind boggles…..