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School President Censors Science June 14, 2009

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School President Censors Science

By Jo Nova, June 10, 2009

Michael Kundu, Board President of Marysville (Washington State, USA) District #25 has written to colleagues to urge them to trash a free science resource that discusses logic, reason and evidence, and the core of science. The Skeptics Handbook has arrived at school board presidents’ desks around the US.

“I would encourage all of you to stuff that junk mail directly into the recycle basket.”

In a spot of unwitting self-parody he states:

“…we need to have the ability to tell fact from fiction.  This last mailing is an excellent example of ‘fiction’.”

Thus Michael Kundu, whale photographer, pronounces the data from NASA, Hadley, UAH, CSSP, IPPC, as fiction.

Michael Kundu Censors Science

Michael Kundu has no evidence or logical reason to back his claim. He exhorts everyone to use good sources (then uses Wikipedia), and make intelligent decisions to spot the propaganda, and gives nothing except logical errors. All he can offer is the typical, low base ad hominem attack. So on a science topic, he reasons by ’smear’.

“I am sure that history will file your names alongside such ‘credentialed luminaries’ as Hwang Woo-suk, Luk Van Parijs, Jon Sudbo, and William Summerlin.”

“if you want to continue spreading your propaganda, I am sure the oil industry (I understand that they had another year of record profits) can provide you with significant funding,”

Thus proving to be rude, ignorant, and unable to reason. He is at least up front about it. It was honest of him to CC Bob Carter in at the start. Though it appears to be more unfounded arrogance than an attempt to communicate.

Professor Bob Carter writes:

“As the president of a school district board, you have a particular responsibility to encourage informed discussion on controversial matters of the day, rather than to denigrate in ignorant fashion one aspect of a complex, multi-sided argument of which you happen to disapprove.

The Skeptics Handbook is a carefully and accurately written account of matters to do with contemporary climate change. Every statement in it is founded in data contained in numerous research papers in refereed scientific journals.”

Joseph Bast agrees:

…none of our work is “propaganda.” More than 100 academics and 150 elected officials participate in our research and education programs.”

Read the rest here



1. Magnus - June 14, 2009

Eh… am I expected to live in the 21st century? The Board President Kundu participates in an act that typically kills science. I agree with Sweden’s maybe best solar scientists who some years ago in the Swedish public radio (SR) said this is much like the former Soviet Union. Dogma defended by slandering those who says their results confronts the dogma. So: antiscience and an end of free mind.

Just horrible!

As Roy Spencer writes today, IPCC says – arbitrary and without a scientific method – that the probability that former warming is caused by human is 90%. This means that they give the sceptics10% probability to be right. But the figure 90% is not a proabability figure and those does not exists in any other scientific field as an indicator of a guessed consensus about the cause end effect in former data. 90% has a political purpose only, to start action from fear.

BTW Palle et al 2004 shows a 99.5% significande of correlation between GCR and low level clouds between the start and end (late 2001) of the measuring, which is a scientific result.

Click to access 433.pdf

…and a scientific result which must exclude that Therefore Lockwood and Sloan led two studies which was very bad and erroneous conducted and claimed that Svensmark and Friis-Christensen are wrong. Here is about main errors by Lockwood and Sloan:


Tom Moriarty easily debunks Sloan

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