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An Inconvenient Graph June 6, 2009

Posted by honestclimate in Temperature.
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An Inconvenient Graph updated for May 2009

Via Gore Lied

Al Gore / AIT Index: Global temperatures plunge further; have dropped .63°F (.35°C) since Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth

The truth is getting ever more inconvenient for Al Gore.

Once again, as we do each month, GORE LIED has taken significant liberties with Dr. Roy Spencer’s monthly UAH globally averaged satellite-based temperature of the lower atmosphere.  We’ve marked it up with a red marker to more fully illustrate the really inconvenient truth – that temperatures have dropped significantly,  .63°F (.35°C), since Al Gore released his science fiction movie, An Inconvenient Truth at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2006.


1. shnicklefritz - October 4, 2009

Four years is not a long enough period to judge anything to do with climate, look a the data in the link below and deal with it.

2. honest skeptic - October 4, 2009

A Four year period is not long enough for any serious discussion of climate, look at this link:


There is no conspiracy, the data speaks for itself.

3. jim morgan - November 9, 2009

Bad data there guys…NASA based its temperature data on methods developed by James Hansen…you’ll notice his name on most of NASA’s temperature graphs. Unfortunately Hansen has since admited major flaws in his data including the fact that most of his temperatures were over-inflated based on “fudge factoring” he built into his data generator. Do your own research on Hansen if you doubt what I’m writing…you’ll see.

4. David - December 13, 2009

More inconvient (but not for Gore) would be to update the above graph, leave in the 13 month running average, and eyeball a best fit line through the entire length of the data.

5. David - December 13, 2009

Also, the above graph appears to be the corrected graph. In any case, in terms of average global temps, the difference in not major. Here is my source:


6. Dave - February 26, 2010

Look at the graph now. Since it shows 2009 as much higher, does that mean Al Gore was correct?


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