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CO2 is Not a Pollutant but a Huge Benefactor August 8, 2010

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Joseph D’Aleo

CO2 is Not a Pollutant but a Huge Benefactor

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow
ICECAP, Aug 07, 2010

There is a wild debate in the skeptic community on whether CO2 plays a role in climate changes over time and if so how much. I am going to avoid getting embroiled in that discussion because no one knows, including the IPCC, which starts with the basic assumption that it does, that we understand the forcing and proceeds from there. They back into the forcing in their models which are seriously flawed with very poor understanding of the clearly important factors of water in all its forms in our atmosphere and in the role of the sun and oceans. Even with seriously contaminated surface observation data, their models are failing miserably even just a decade or two into the runs.

There was a very similar divisive argument in the meteorological community in early to middle part the last century as Dr James Fleming of Colby College documented in the book “Historical Perspectives on Climate Change”. The pertinent chapter was on the web and can be found here. This was before models and was based on theory as the write-up documents.

As a Synoptic Meteorologist and Climatologist over the years I have let the data do the talking. The data says that CO2 plays little or no role in climate change – which is cyclical and relates far better with the cycles in sun and ocean.

When correlating CO2 with temperature trends in various periods of cyclical warming and cooling the last 110 years we find a negative correlation from the late 1800s to 1917 (-0.35), positive from 1917 to 1940 (+0.43), negative during the WWII and post WWII boom from 1940 to around 1975 (-0.40), positive from 1975 to around 2000 (+0.36) and negative in the short period to 2009 (-0.56).

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1. omanuel - August 8, 2010

Thank you, Joseph, for this good report.

Unfortunately many scientists have been trained to report what the funding agency wants to hear, rather than to report what the data show.

They let the money do the talking, instead of letting “the data do the talking.” Unfortunately, it is our tax funds that are being used to deceive the public!

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA Principal
Investigator for Apollo

2. Bush Bunny - August 8, 2010

This is a good comment, I’ve saved it and promoting it internationally.

Thank you Joseph.

3. Bush Bunny - August 10, 2010

Again, I concur with Emeritus Prof. Manuel. And I wish this is better known internationally amongst the AGW sector.

Climate is what we expect – Weather is what we get (and ultimately
kills us!).

Millions has been spent not only in investments for clean or green energy
exploitation, but PROVING AGW is the reason why climate changes.

Thank you Joseph, again.

Kind regards

Bush Bunny from Australia. (Armidale on the Northern Tablelands
of NSW where we had the lowest winter records on minus 11.1 C
recently. People don’t understand that Australia as a island continent
has many micro climate regions between and amongst climatic
regions, Tropical, sub-tropical, desert and also temperate regions.

Where I live we have one of the best agricultural and pastoral areas
for fine wool and crops, cattle. But since the last ice age finished,
our warmer temps have provided opportunities for agriculture.

Our water supplies, being subjected to seasonal differences and also
drought of course, was and is one of our concerns. We have large
underground water and aquifers that are not renewable. (Not fed by
rain water). And the management of these plus the available and supply of natural water through rivers etc., is primary to our survival for the production of food, period. Plus – sustainability and also soil
health, and conservation.

Thank you again Joseph. God Bless You.

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