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Beware the UN’s Copenhagen plot October 30, 2009

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Beware the UN’s Copenhagen plot

By Janet Albrechtsen
The Australian, October 28, 2009

SHAME on us all: on us in the media and on our politicians. Despite thousands of news reports, interviews, analyses, critiques and commentaries from journalists, what has the inquiring, intellectually sceptical media told us about the potential details of a Copenhagen treaty? And despite countless speeches, addresses, interviews, doorstops, moralising sermons from government ministers, pleas from Canberra for an outcome at Copenhagen, opposition criticism of government policy, what have our elected representatives told us about the potential details of a Copenhagen treaty?

With just over 40 days until more than 15,000 officials, advisers, diplomats, activists and journalists from more than 190 countries attend the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, we know nothing. Nothing about a climate change treaty that the Rudd government is keen to sign and one that will bind this country for years to come.

Of course, there is no final treaty as yet. That is what they are hoping to finalise in Copenhagen. But there are 181 pages that make up the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change dated September 15, 2009: a rough draft of what could be signed in Copenhagen. And yet, not one member of the media or political class has bothered to inform us about its contents as an important clue to what may happen in Copenhagen. The shame of that state of affairs started to trickle in last week.

Emails started arriving telling me about a speech given by Christopher Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, at Bethel University in St Paul, Minnesota, on October 14. Monckton talked about something that no one has talked about in the lead-up to Copenhagen: the text of the draft Copenhagen treaty.

Even after Monckton’s speech, most of the media has duly ignored the substance of what he said. You don’t need me to find his St Paul address on YouTube. Interviewed on Monday morning by Alan Jones on Sydney radio station 2GB, Monckton warned that the aim of the Copenhagen draft treaty was to set up a transnational government on a scale the world has never before seen. Listening to the interview, my teenage daughters asked me whether this was true.

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1. Russ Walsh - November 1, 2009

Ask anyone who purports to support the global warming fraud – now deviously morphed into ‘climate change’, when it was finally discovered there actually IS no warming, whether they have read the UN document they’re expected to sign. Ask them whether they’ve seen the BBC’s The Great Global Warming Swindle, or Apocolypse NO!, or read Lomborg’s Cool It. Ask them whether they’re ware of the British court ruling that determined that Gore’s ‘documentary’ was “materially false in 11 majore areas INCLUDING THE PART CLAIMING THAT C02 IS CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING. Based on the evidence, the court ruled that in fact the exact opposite is the case! First you get warming, and THEN the CO2 levels begin to rise – 800 year later!!!! Better yet, ask these global warming ideologues what percentage of CO2 the atmosphere is comprised of. I bet most people reading this comment don’t even know, despite the fact that it’s about to radically alter the world’s financial structure. The answer is at the end. Scripted by Enron and tag-teamed by the likes of Gore, the leftist UN, and a complicit and compliant media, as Monckton says, the end game is and always was the march toward one-world govenment starting with a massive wealth ‘equalization’ scheme. Take from the West, give to third world thuggeries which, no matter how much you do give, never change. You know the list. Or you ought to. Finally, the world has been here before. Enacting laws based on untruth, fraud, and mis-information. The 1930’s Germany. The perceived problem? Too many Jews. The solution? The Nuremberg Laws. The result? 50 million dead. Pluse 6 million Jews. Russia, 1917. The problem? Capitalism. The solution? Laws banning it. The result? 38 million dead. Understand this. Any time governments enact laws based on falsehood and fraud, really bad things happen. Much of the population seems unable to graspe this fundamental concept. Too foggy about history perhaps. Don’t have the mind for big concepts. Well, here we are again. Rest assured, this agreement will plunge the world into crisis. It will cause the breakup of nations, as sections of those nations simply refuse to see their economies collapse. The Province of Alberta, Canada, for example, will take an 8.5% reduction in its GDP, wiping out jobs, industries, families. Some likely will put up with the imposition, after all, sheep can be found everywhere. But many won’t. Stick around. And what, prey tell, do you think radical Islam will do when the West begins collapsing? We’re heading for very shallow waters! The atmosphere is comprised of 0.054% CO2. It is a trace gas essential for plant respiration! (Take a moment and calculate your error rate. Your Percent divided by 0.054 x 100)

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