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Must see interview with Professor Ian Plimer May 30, 2009

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Interview with Professor Ian Plimer

Excellent 3 part video interview with Professor Ian Plimer. Professor Plimer is one of Australia’s top geologists and recently released his book Heaven and Earth: Global Warming  – The Missing Science. His book has been selling like hotcakes and has been a talking point across Australia.

H/T Gore Lied for the videos



1. Grant - May 30, 2009

It’s a shame Brian Carlton is no longer on the radio. Carlton hosted the late night talkback show on Triple M under the alias “The Spoonman”, and was firmly in the AGW believer camp.

Carlton is a great interviewer, and showed it once again with this interview with Plimer. I’d like to think Carlton has changed his mind and become an AGW skeptic after reading the book. If he still believes humans are causing global warming, it certainly didn’t come across that way.

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