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Aussies urged to give Earth Hour the flick March 27, 2009

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Aussies urged to give Earth Hour the flick

From News.com.au, March 27, 2009

Economy v Environment findings / AustraliaSCAN 2009 survey

The environment is becoming less of a priority for Australians, according to the AustraliaSCAN 2009 survey. Graphic: Eric Auld

Earth Hour 2008 in Sydney

Show of support … before and after shots as the lights go out for Earth Hour 2008 in Sydney / Reuters

AN anti-Earth Hour group urging Australians to keep their lights blazing this weekend is a sign of waning interest in environmentalism, experts say.

The global Earth Hour movement – founded in Australia in 2007 – is asking people to switch off their lights for one hour on Saturday night.

But a Facebook group is urging people to “keep every light you own running during Earth Hour”.

The group urges people to protest by switching lights on “if you think turning the lights out for an hour is completely ridiculous and will change nothing”.

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P.S. Here at An Honest Climate Debate we will be joining Australian Climate Madness in preparation of Earth Hour!



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