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Only 20% of IPCC Scientists Deal with Climate February 18, 2009

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Only 20% of IPCC Scientists Deal with Climate

From Climate Research News

UN IPCC’s William Schlesinger admits that only 20% of IPCC scientists deal with climate during a debate with John Christy.

Excerpt: His complete answer was that he thought, “something on the order of 20 percent have had some dealing with climate.” In other words, even the IPCC’s Schlesinger now acknowledges that 80 percent of the IPCC membership had absolutely no dealing with the climate as part of their academic studies.

GlobalWarming.org: ‘Christy/Schlesinger Debate, Part II’


1. Fred - February 18, 2009

Oh this is just plain silly. There are three working groups in the IPCC. WG1 has the climate scientists … they are *all* climat escientists … go check the affiliations yourself!

WG2 and WG3 are not composed of climate scientists becasue climate *science* is not the topic of these two working groups!

Get a grip people! Do you want the WG1 climate scientists to be covering adaptation and mitigation issues as well??? It’s not surprising that it’s about 20% of the authors … that’s about the *right* percentange.

Get a grip on reality and don’t be silly.

2. honestclimate - February 18, 2009

Yes, what does it take to be a climate scientist these days? It’s all explained in the 2nd chart below:


3. Fred - February 18, 2009

just goes to prove my point. Silly.

4. honestclimate - February 19, 2009

I agree 100%, but that’s the state of “climate science” these days, very silly indeed.

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