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Eco-Colonialism Degrades Africa February 16, 2009

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Eco-Colonialism Degrades Africa

By Paul Dreissen and Willie Soon

Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of Earth’s most impoverished regions. Over 90% of its people still lack electricity, running water, proper sanitation and decent housing. Malaria, malnutrition, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and intestinal diseases kill millions every year. Life expectancy is appalling, and falling. And yet UN officials, European politicians, environmentalist groups and even African authorities insist that global warming is the gravest threat facing the continent. They claim there is no longer any debate over human-caused global warming – but ignore thousands of scientists who say human CO2 emissions are not the primary cause of climate changes, there is no evidence that future warming will be catastrophic, and computer models do not provide valid projections or “scenarios” for the future.

Warming alarmists use the “specter of climate change” to justify inhumane policies and shift the blame for problems that could be solved with the very technologies they oppose. Past colonialism sought to develop mining, forestry and agriculture, and bring better government and healthcare practices to Africa. Eco-colonialism keeps Africans “traditional” and “indigenous”, by insisting that modern technologies are harmful and not “sustainable” in Africa.

Abundant, reliable, affordable electricity could power homes, offices, factories, schools and hospitals, create jobs, bring clean running water, and generate health and prosperity. But Rainforest Action Network and other pressure groups oppose coal and natural gas electricity generation on the grounds of climate change, and hydroelectric and nuclear power for other ideological reasons. They promote wind turbines and solar panels that provide electricity unreliably and in amounts too small to meet any but the most rudimentary needs.

Biotechnology could produce bumper crops that overcome droughts, floods, insects, viruses, and even global warming and cooling. But Greenpeace and Sierra Club oppose this precision hybrid-making technology, and instead promote land and labor-intensive subsistence farming. DDT and insecticides could slash malaria rates that al Gore and other climate alarmists falsely claim are rising because of global warming. But Pesticide Action Network and other activists stridently oppose their use, and the European Parliament recently imposed new pesticide restrictions that will further restrict African access to life-saving chemicals.

So this is where radical climate change alarmism has taken us. When the health of Planet Earth is at stake, human life means little – even if the “disaster” are nothing more than worst-case scenarios conjured up by computer models, headline writers, Hollywood, and professional doomsayers like Gore, Hansen and NOAA alarmist-in-chief Susan Solomon.

“Every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, an airline executive should be dragged out of his office and drowned,” British arch-environmentalist George Monbiot lectured readers of The Guardian, in a typically hysteria-laced column. One has to wonder if he would apply the same standard to eco-colonialist executives who continue to perpetuate poverty, disease, malnutrition and death in the name of preventing “global warming disasters” that fewer and fewer respectable scientists still believe are caused by human greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s time to address Africa�s real problems and replace lethal eco-colonialism with fact-based science and humane public policies. Read more here.

Hunger Activists Want Al Gore to Make Another Movie, but there isn’t any money to be made out of Global Starving February 13, 2009

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Hunger Activists Want Al Gore to Make Another Movie, but there isn’t any money to be made out of Global Starving

Im way too busy making millions from my carbon offset business to care about those whoa re starving to death. I cant make money out of hunger offsets

I'm way too busy making millions from my carbon offset business to care about those who are starving to death in Africa. I need the money to buy more carbon emitting boats and cars. I can't make money out of "hunger offsets"

By the blogowner, honestclimate, February 14, 2009

An interesting article caught my eye today, from YahooNews, titled:

“Hunger Activists Want Al Gore to Make Another Movie”.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

From a distance, it looks like an ordinary movie poster. Pasted to a bus shelter wall along Madrid’s central Calle Segovia, it depicts a thin child, looking upward toward credits printed in that look-at-me font that film publicity posters always seem to use. It’s only when you get close enough to read the title credits that you realize something is amiss. “‘Ask Al Gore,”” one passerby queried his companion. “That’s the name of a movie?”
Not exactly. It’s the name of an advertising campaign designed to get Al Gore to make a movie – only not about what you think. By collecting enough signatures through their website http://www.askalgore.org , an international NGO, called Action Against Hunger, hopes to persuade the former-vice-president-turned-climate-change-activist to take on the issue of acute malnutrition, a remediable problem, the organization says, that each year kills 5 million children in the developing world.

Reading further, note the response from Gore’s office..

Gore has yet to respond according to Action Against Hunger. “We hope that when we launch the U.S. campaign, he’ll invite us for a meeting,” says Nonzioli. “That would be great.” But at his office in Nashville, Tennessee, a spokesperson for Mr. Gore said the former vice president was currently busy with the stimulus package. “They want him to put aside climate change and switch to world hunger?” she asked, somewhat incredulously. Informed that the organizers hoped that he would add the issue to his list of concerns, she conceded a bit. “It’s quirky, but I have to admit it’s a good idea.”

Let me translate the response of Gore’s office above:-
Sorry, there’s no money to be made out of Global Starving. Also, it’s not like Al Gore actually takes man-made global warming seriously. If he did, he wouldn’t have a carbon footprint the size of Africa. Let them eat cake!

Read the full article here

Click here for the Ask Al Gore campaign website

Click here to read how Africans are starving to death to “prevent climate change”