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Back to the alarming future November 25, 2008

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Back to the alarming future

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, November 21, 2008


Even when the weather changes back to how it was, why, that’s consistent with “climate change” theory, too. Ask University of Southern Queensland professor of climate and water resources Roger Stone, who analyses the meaning of the storms over Brisbane:

But this sort of violent weather activity is consistent with climate change predictions. We’re coming off a long drought in southeast Queensland, and that has been an extreme weather event. Now we’re getting these storms, and they’re also extreme weather events.

And ask Queensland weather bureau spokesman Gavin Holcombe:

But back in the 70s and 80s we did have plenty of Novembers which were very wet indeed. I just think people are now thinking of the sort of dry Novembers that we’ve had over the past decade as the norm, but if you look over the long term, there have been plenty of wet Novembers.

Dryer, wetter, worse-than, same-as – it’s all climate change, because climates always change. Difference is that changes alarm the thermostat generation.


Remember when an absence of rain over Brisbane was evidence of global warming?

Environmental researcher Tim Flannery has warned that Brisbane and Adelaide – home to a combined total of three million people – could run out of water by year’s end.

A year later, let’s check if Brisbane has indeed run out of water:

(Thanks to reader Professor Bob Carter, who has explained precisely why the warming panic is mad.)


Brisbane-Toowoomba floods 18-20 Nov 08 highlight failure of 28 Oct BoM rain Outlook November 24, 2008

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Brisbane-Toowoomba floods 18-20 Nov 08 highlight failure of 28 Oct BoM rain Outlook

By Warwick Hughes, November 23, 2008

In three short weeks the BoM rain Outlook prediction gets shot to pieces by real world weather.
BoM predicted rain Nov08-Jan09This inset map shows the BoM predicted on 28th October that the Brisbane region had only a 45% chance of average rain for the November to January period.

To see the original map select the 28th October 2008 rain prediction.
Sadly for the BoM prediction a series of high rainfall storms hit the region from the 18th-20th November
Real world rain 1-23 Nov08see map inset of rain anonmalies from 1st to 23rd November.
You can make various rain maps at this BoM site;

See earlier articles re BoM rain Outlook failures.
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June 15th, 2008
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