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Solar Chord Discovery – new book by Frederick Bailey January 8, 2011

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Solar Chord Discovery – new book by Frederick Bailey

By Frederick Bailey

From my book and the anecdotes, etc., on our website(http://www.solarchords.com), readers will begin to realise that at the heart of any complicated system there is a simple basic structure. My work destroys the myth; which is at the heart of most of the failed computer programmes that have been searching for the answers to climate changes.
Is it regional or global or what ?
A simple point to point measurement; the Chord, which varies all the time; and which makes the accepted standard AU separation distance between the Earth and the Sun to be null and void!
There is no doubt what so ever; that the general ignorance of the work of the gentleman portrayed upon the front of our website; by both scientists in general and climatologists in particular; has led to the situation that we now find ourselves in.
The whole human race; perhaps that should be 99%; has been duped into believing a mixture of false science and political rhetoric.
Perhaps I should clarify that last line even further. 75% of the human race, haven’t even heard of anything; they are too busy trying to find food and clean drinking water; to worry about the so called climate change issue.
Our illustrious Royal Society, among others, will be overtaken by events and no amount of shift in position to a neutral stance, will save them from what I forecast is going to happen when people start asking what was the point in having them, if they could not come up with any definitive guidance on the subject matter in hand.
A subject that effects every person upon Earth.

To order Frederick Bailey’s new book, Solar Chord Discovery, click here

Solar Chord Discovery

A Climate Science Treatise by Frederick Bailey

Frederick Bailey published his first study in the field of climate change and related Solar System mechanics in 2003. His continuing research led to further advance in understanding the dynamics at work, with the first publication edition announcement of his ‘solar chord’ discovery in 2007.

His new edition (Solar Chord Discovery) released in December 2010 now further expands the Solar Chord Science analysis and presents it as a demonstrable explanation of climate cycling in the 20 to 200 year context. It very precisely explains all significant cycles of the past several hundred years and now presents as a reliable model for forecasting of forthcoming warming and cooling cycles of both global and regional impact.

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