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Why Wong couldn’t answer August 3, 2009

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Why Wong couldn’t answer

Andrew Bolt, August 03, 2009
Herald Sun

Astrophysicist Willie Soon and climatologist Professor David R. Legates answer the questions that stumped Climate Change Minister Penny Wong, undermining the entire argument for the Rudd Government’s job-killing emissions trading scheme:

The brief answers to Senator Fielding’s questions are –

(1) Yes, temperatures did fall after 1998 while carbon dioxide rose;

(2) Yes, late 20th century warming was indeed not unusual in either its rate of change or magnitude; and

(3) Yes, all IPCC models did project warming through a ten year period when instead cooling occurred.

Taken together, the correct answers to Senator Fielding’s questions indicate that the hypothesis of dangerous global warming caused by human carbon dioxide emissions is invalid. It follows that costly emissions trading legislation is at best pointless. Doubtless this is why it has been so hard to elicit clear statements on the matter from Minister Wong and her supporters.

Read the full response from Soon and Legates here.


Warm winter? The New York Times in 2000 blamed global warming:

For the third year in a row, the United States has set a record for winter warmth, federal scientists reported yesterday… Shorter and milder winters are consistent with a century-long global warming trend that mainstream scientists believe has been at least partly caused by emissions of heat-trapping waste industrial gases like carbon dioxide.

Cool summer? The New York Times in 2009 blames everything else but global cooling:

Depending on Friday’s high, this was the second or third coolest June and July recorded in New York. If August follows the same pattern — and the latest forecast through midmonth predicts that it will — this could be the coolest summer on record… One reason for the record-breaking low temperatures was the record-breaking rainfall and accompanying cloud cover… Mr. Gadomski explained that a persistent high-level jet stream has sent cooler air streaming from the north and northwest.


Christopher Booker on an ominous silence from othe Met – one of the world’s top centres of climate alarmism, and producers of a key measure of world temperatures:

In recent months, in fact, a curious little drama has been unfolding over attempts by Steve McIntyre, a Canadian statistical expert, to get the Met Office and the CRU to divulge the computer data on which they base their temperature record. Mr McIntyre was not only the chief demolisher of the “hockey stick”, showing how it was based on a seriously skewed computer model, but later exposed the “adjustments” which had skewed the other official record of surface temperatures, run by Dr James Hansen of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. (The two other official sources of temperature data are based on satellite measurements.)

When Mr McIntyre made Freedom of Information requests to see the data used to construct the HadCrut record (as he has chronicled on his ClimateAudit blog) he was given an almighty brush-off, the Met Office saying that this information was strictly confidential and that to release it would damage Britain’s “international relations” with all the countries that supplied it.

The idea that temperature records might be a state secret seems strange enough, but when the policies of governments across the world are based on that data it becomes odder still that no outsider should be allowed to see it. Weirdest of all, however, is the Met Office’s claim that to release the data would “damage the trust that scientists have in those scientists who happen to be employed in the public sector”.

Worse, McIntyre says data is now being purged by the CRU.


Dear MP: explain or abstain July 13, 2009

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Dear MP: explain or abstain

By Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, Monday, July 13, 09

If our politicians can’t explain this graph, how can they vote for Kevin Rudd’s ruinous plan to slash emissions?

Family First Senator Steve Fielding has now sent all Senators the graph, which shows the world cooling over the past eight years despite a rise in the emissions we’re told are warming the world to hell. And he’s challenged them as he challenged hapless Climate Minister Penny Wong

This runs counter to the assumption underpinning the CPRS which says that increasing carbon dioxide emissions are the leading cause of global warming. Given the Rudd Government has failed to explain this obvious contradiction I can’t understand how any member of the Australian parliament can vote for an emissions trading scheme.

Climate madness from Rudd & Wong November 29, 2008

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Climate madness from Rudd & Wong

From Australian Climate Madness, November 28, 2008

That’s right, they just carry on regardless, brushing the observations and the science aside in their pointless quest to “tackle climate change” whilst at the same time committing economic suicide. Krudd and Co are preparing to release the white paper on Australia’s ETS, or, if you wish to use the government’s name for it (complete with two errors in four words), the Carbon* Pollution† Reduction Scheme…

The global financial situation has heightened the importance of providing business certainty on the scheme,” Senator Wong said in a statement.

The economy is already weakened, and the ETS will only make it worse. She just stops short of using the dreaded “D” word about the Opposition, however:

Opposition calls to delay carbon trading were undermining business certainty and were out of step with community attitudes.

“The opposition is looking for any excuse to delay action on climate change, but Australians understand that the longer we wait, the more it will cost us,” Senator Wong said.

Once such “excuse” possibly being the fact that it will make not one iota of difference to global climate even if CO2 is a driver of temperature, which, given present cooling trends, is looking less and less likely.

Pure climate madness.

* Carbon Dioxide ain’t Carbon
For the last time, it’s NOT POLLUTION

Read it here.


Penny Wong defends $14m cost of climate change ads October 22, 2008

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Penny Wong defends $14m cost of climate change ads

Penny Wong, Australian minister of climate change

Penny Wong, Australian Minister of Climate Change and Water

From News.com.au, October 21, 2008

TAXPAYERS are footing an advertising bill of more than $146,000 a day so the Rudd Government can peddle its warnings about climate change.

The Government has set aside almost $14 million for a four-month climate change campaign, which started in July and ends next month.

The details, revealed in a Budget estimates committee hearing, sparked deputy leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Eric Abetz, to attack Climate Change Minister Penny Wong for being irresponsible and hypocritical.

The hearing was told almost $10 million had been poured into publicity, which includes television advertisements, leaving almost $4 million to be spent within the next few weeks.

“No wonder Climate Change Minister Wong refused to reveal the cost of this advertising when the campaign was launched in July,” Senator Abetz said.

Read the rest of the article, click below link

Putting bulldozers through the economic wreckage October 17, 2008

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Putting bulldozers through the economic wreckage

By Terry McCrann

From The HeraldSun, October 17, 2008

PENNY Wong and Ross Garnaut are delusional. While Wong’s delusion is understandable, Garnaut’s is inexcusable.

Penny Wong, Australian minister of climate change

Penny Wong, Australian Minister of Climate Change and Water

Both yesterday rejected calls to postpone the start of the emissions trading scheme (ETS). Wong, because we had a “moral” duty to tackle climate change. Garnaut, because the global financial crisis was a “short-term problem”.

If the ETS is characterised for what it actually is and for what it is actually not, their shared delusion will be more obvious.

The ETS is a tax and a tax specifically on energy. If increased taxation is what we need now, why then did the Prime Minister actually hand out $10 billion last week?

What the ETS is not, is something that will do the slightest to “tackle climate change”. As even Garnaut has admitted, if we reduce our carbon emissions to zero, it will have zero – repeat zero – impact on the climate.

Read the rest of the article, click below link

Penny Wong admits global warming is a lie September 16, 2008

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Penny Wong, Australian Minister of Climate Change and Water, admits global warming is a lie!

Here she explains that the man-made global warming lie is THAT big!

Penny Wong explains how BIG the man-made global warming lie is

Penny Wong shows how BIG the man-made global warming lie is...