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New Zealand may go bust over Global Warming June 1, 2009

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New Zealand may go bust over Global Warming

By Dennis Avery Monday, June 1, 2009
Canada Free Press

CHURCHVILLE, VA—No country in the world would risk as much for “global warming” as New Zealand if it goes ahead with the cap-and-trade energy taxation installed by Helen Clarke’s now-departed Labour Government.

New Zealand’s economy is almost completely dependent on its farm exports: lamb, dairy products, beef and high-end white wines. Half of New Zealand’s carbon emissions come from cattle and sheep. If New Zealand taxes its cows and sheep hundreds of dollars per animal for methane emissions and manure handling fees, Argentina would almost immediately displace New Zealand’s farm exports. Argentina has more grass, more cattle, the potential for more lambs, a surging wine industry—and no Kyoto obligations.

Based on U.S. and Australian “discussions,” a 500-cow dairy might have to pay $250,000 per year for cattle emissions and manure handling permits, plus a hefty increase in its costs for low-carbon electricity and diesel. An Argentine dairy would pay none of these increased costs—and every dollar of cost differential would be a further incentive for Argentine dairymen to expand their exports at the expense of New Zealand.

That would leave Kiwi cities like Auckland and Christchurch without visible means of support.

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Kiwis are getting bored with the global warming debate March 26, 2009

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Climate change: Natural cycle or man-made phenomenon?

From the New Zealand Herald, March 25, 2009

Kiwis are getting bored with the global warming debate, at least our enthusiasm for leading the world in the fight against it is falling as the predicted doom and gloom doesn’t seem to turn up here.

An article in the Herald the other day talked about many New Zealanders being “cooler on global warming”. A ShapeNZ survey issued the other day by the Sustainable Business Council shows the number of New Zealanders who want to outpace the rest of the world has fallen by a third since just 2007.

We’re used to being told to ‘prepare for the worst’. Whether it’s Y2K, bird fu, SARS, tsunami or even the recession – humans, and some in the media are good at working us up into a right state.

I was certain bird flu would get me. The other night I had a couple of friends over for dinner. While cleaning up afterwards one of them opened up a drawer and saw two or three sealed face masks. “What are these?” she asked…big long silence while I try to think of an excuse…”Oh…um…well…it’s part of my old bird flu kit”. “You had a bird flu kit?” she says in disbelief. I lower my head, followed by the two of them laughing at me to the point of tears. I felt like a complete idiot – to think I’d be wiped out by bird flu.

So, are humans idiots for fearing that global warming will one day “get us all”?

I get tired of hearing every severe weather event being blamed on global warming. A storm is a storm. They have always been around and they always will be. When you look back at New Zealand’s record extremes, most happened last century not in the last 10 years. So if so many scientists around the world are saying this is going to happen – why doesn’t it seem to be happening here in New Zealand?

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To escape global warming, move to New Zealand! February 27, 2009

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To escape global warming, move to New Zealand!

From the Washington Post, February 23, 2009

Adam Fier recently sold his home, got rid of his car and pulled his twin 6-year-old girls out of elementary school in Montgomery County. He and his wife packed the family’s belongings and moved to New Zealand — a place they had never visited or seen before, and where they have no family or professional connections. Among the top reasons: global warming.

I wonder if Al Gore will be next?