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Another Tax and More Politics: The ETS Proposed for Australia December 12, 2008

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Another Tax and More Politics: The ETS Proposed for Australia

By Jennifer Marohasy, December 11, 2008

I am the Chair of The Australian Environment Foundation and we are planning an Internet campaign to oppose the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) proposed for Australia on the basis:

1.  An ETS will not change the global temperature;

2.  Will force many clean and green Australian industries overseas; and

3.  Will make Australians poorer; while it is generally richer, not poorer nations that are better able to protect their natural environment.

We have a fundraising target of A$30,000 and already we have already raised just over $11,000 from donations.  So we need another A$19,000.

The campaign website will be designed to help build a large online community; providing a place for action as well as information.  Those who log on will be able to source information quickly as well as find their local MP so they can send him/her a message.

The website will be designed so that more than one campaign can be running at a time – and old campaigns can be archived.  The campaign opposing the ETS will be just the first.  The Australian Environment Foundation wants to be able to take a stand, and importantly help its members and supporters be heard, when decisions are being made against the weight of evidence.

So far donations have ranged from $25 to $2,000.   Please make a contribution.

If you can make a financial contribution, please go to our website and donate through the PayPal facility using your credit card. http://www.aefweb.info/ .

If you prefer to use Internet banking: Australian Environment Foundation, BSB No:  013 308 Account No: 4978 00416.

Alternatively, send a cheque to the Australian Environment Foundation, PO Box 274, Deakin West, ACT 2600.

There is nothing honest or clever about the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme.  It is just another tax and more politics.