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Royal twit wails again March 22, 2009

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Royal twit wails again

By the blogowner, honestclimate, March 22, 2009

Pop quizz:

Who is he?

-He employs two butlers, three chefs, two chauffeurs, one valet, five housekeepers and managers, and eight gardeners.

-His servant loads his toothbrush just the way he likes it and, on one occasion, had to hold a urine specimen jar for him.

-He’s never done an honest days work in his life.

-He is a man who left his beautiful, young wife to be with his horse.

-Also, he flies around the world in a private jet trying to convince us to lower our carbon footprints.

If you guessed Prince Charles you would be correct.

Here is the latest from the Prince of Wails Wales:

Prince Charles blue over green crusade

LONDON, (AFP) – Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, admitted in an interview published Sunday that he found it “depressing” that his frequent warnings over climate change had not been heeded.

The Prince of Wales added, though, that he was “delighted” that it seemed people had begun to realise that he had in fact been ringing the alarm over a serious issue and not “complete nonsense”.

“All I have been trying to do is remind people that we have to live and work in harmony with nature if we are to have any chance of surviving on this planet,” Charles told the Sunday Telegraph in the Galapagos Islands at the end of a 10-day tour of South America.

Asked if he was frustrated his warnings had not been taken seriously, he replied: “It is depressing. I am not doing this for myself but, as I keep saying, for everyone’s children and our grandchildren.”

Charles added, however, that “if now people are beginning to realise perhaps, after all, I wasn’t talking complete nonsense, then I am delighted.”

While in Brazil earlier this month, Charles said the current global financial crisis is “nothing” compared to the long-term impact of climate change, telling a meeting of Brazilian business leaders and officials: “We are, I fear, at a defining moment in the world’s history.”

Well Charlie boy, you have a carbon footprint the size of Africa, is it any wonder nobody takes you seriously??

Britains “top climate scientist” declares we have only 100 months left to save the planet March 9, 2009

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Britains “top climate scientist” declares we have only 100 months left to save the planet

By the blogowner, honestclimate, March 9, 2009

I married my horse!

The Prince of Wales is to issue a stark warning that nations have “less than 100 months to act” to save the planet from irreversible damage due to climate change.


THE Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall began their ten-day tour of South America yesterday with the issue of climate change at the top of their agenda.

Prince Charles and Camilla arrived in Chile, but they will also visit Brazil, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Highlighting the issue of global warming is a major theme, and this week the prince will give a dire warning on climate change to the world.

Their chartered Airbus arrived at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez airport close to Santiago. They were driven away in a limousine, followed by a motorcade of six cars.

Five-Star Green Hypocrisy October 10, 2008

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Five-Star Green Hypocrisy

From Climate Change Fraud, October 9, 2008

Move over Al Gore. Swankier carbon charlatanism has come to town in the form of the World Wildlife Fund’s luxury getaway called “Around the World: A Private Jet Expedition.”

“Join us on a remarkable 25-day journey by luxury private jet,” invites the WWF in a brochure for its voyage to “some of the most astonishing places on the planet to see top wildlife, including gorillas, orangutans, rhinos, lemurs and toucans.”

For a price tag that starts at $64,950 per person, travelers will meet at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Fla. on April 6, 2009 and then fly to “remote corners” of the world on a “specially outfitted jet that carries just 88 passengers in business-class comfort.” “World class experts — including WWF’s director of species conservation — will provide lectures en route, and a professional staff will be devoted to making your global adventure seamless and memorable.” Travelers will visit the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, Easter Island, Samoa, Borneo, Laos, Nepal, Madagascar, Namibia, Uganda or Rwanda, and finish up at the luxury Dorchester Hotel in London.