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And if Global Warming Turns Out to be a Myth, So What? October 21, 2008

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And if Global Warming Turns Out to be a Myth, So What?

From the Skeptics Global Warming Blog, August 26, 2008

I recently read a comment on the Internet from a global warming activist that presented that exact same connotation. If global warming turns out to be a myth, so what? The narrow-mindedness and intense focus of climate change proponents on one issue, global warming, has the potential to cause massive economic failures globally. The lack of care, comprehension, or both with regard to anthropogenic climate change and the impact of measures designed to counteract it is completely immoral.

Global warming activists have one item on their agenda: stop climate change at all costs. The term “all costs” can mean anything from using more energy-efficient but more expensive and potentially toxic light bulbs to grinding world economies to a halt. It almost seems that climate change advocates hate progressive and successful nations as they will be the ones to feel the economic impact of any legislation designed to curb an activity that isn’t scientifically proven. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, environmentalism isn’t a progressive movement. It’s a scheme designed to push technology backwards instead of moving us forward. And while the advent of the jet engine allows Gore and his followers to go from continent to continent preaching the gospel of global warming, its existence is also frowned upon because of its large carbon footprint.

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Al Gore started a joke… October 17, 2008

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Al Gore started a joke…

Scientist who was fmr. Greenpeace member says ‘no proof’ CO2 is driving global temps! October 15, 2008

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Scientist who was fmr. Greenpeace member says ‘no proof’ CO2 is driving global temps!

From Canada Free Press, October 15, 2008

Another Dissenter: Finnish Scientist who was former Greenpeace member says ‘no proof’ CO2 is driving global temps!

Dr. Jarl R. Ahlbeck is lecturer of environmental technology and a chemical engineer at Abo Akademi University in Finland who has authored 200 scientific publications and hold four patents. Ahlbeck is a former member of Greenpeace and the Finnish socialist party DFFF. Bio here

No significant global warming since 1995

by Jarl R. Ahlbeck The writer is D.Sc. and lecturer at Abo Akademi University, Finland

The recovery of the earth’s climate from the little ice age started about 200 years ago, but the concentration of the atmospheric carbon dioxide started to increase significantly as late as in the 1950s, probably due to rapidly increased burning of fossil fuels.

The climate recovery is still an ongoing process today. A natural warming rate of roughly 0.5 deg C /100 years has been the baseline for more than 100 years, but both short (a few years) and long (20 years) fluctuations around the baseline have occurred for natural but highly speculative reasons, for example a rapid warming in the 1930s followed by a cooling period, and recently again warming until about 1998.

According to the UK climate panel IPCC, this last warming period has been forced by increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. There is however no proof of that and the theory of how carbon dioxide influences the global mean temperature is complicated and unreliable. And if the global temperature again starts to increase slower than the natural long-term trend of 0.5 deg C/100 years, or even starts to cool, we can be quite certain that the recent faster warming trends have been natural too.

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SCIENCE: Global-warming – myth, threat or opportunity? October 15, 2008

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Walter Starck

Dr Walter Starck

SCIENCE: Global-warming – myth, threat or opportunity?

From News Weekly

The most critical problem we face is not global warming, or how to make fuel more expensive so we will use less, but providing enough at affordable prices to keep our economy going until alternatives can become reality, writes scientist Dr Walter Starck. The Lucky Country has the choice between disaster and a unique opportunity.

Climate change looks more and more like becoming a catastrophe we inflict upon ourselves in trying to avoid one we have only imagined.

The theory of catastrophic global warming due to CO2 emissions rests on two fundamental elements. One is that CO2 absorbs infrared radiation. The other is that interactive computer models of climate have been constructed to show increased warming with increased CO2. However, a couple of dozen different climate models all produce differing results in accord with the assumptions and estimates they each incorporate.

While the absorption of infrared by CO2 is undisputed, the amount of such heating on global climate is highly uncertain. There is good reason to think it has been greatly overestimated. The current understanding on which the climate models are based is very incomplete. As for the widely publicised catastrophic consequences of warming, these are not even predicted by the models but are only speculations regarding such warming.

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The ugly side of Science September 13, 2008

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The ugly side of Science



By the blogowner, honestclimate

When I was in primary school we were told to always question everything, my class teacher used to tell us not to believe everything we read and she introduced us to a rather big word at the time, called propaganda.

A few years later my science teacher told us that the best scientists in the world were the ones who questioned the norm and were skeptical by nature. She likened it to people who touch the sign that says “wet paint” just to check for sure that the paint was indeed wet.

Scientists who dare question the man-made global warming theory are called amongst other things, deniers, being on par with Holocaust deniers, are accused of being in the pay of big oil companies, are accused of believing that smoking doesn’t cause cancer, are called flat earth scientists etc and usually their funding gets taken or they get threatened with dismissal.

So why is it that when scientists question the man-made global warming theory, they get treated with such disdain? And why do climate scientists refuse to debate the skeptics?

I can only believe that the man-made global warming theory is full of holes and that the only way for the alarmist climate scientists to defend their weak science is to attack the man, rather than debate the facts…