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“Social distance can cause a 55-year-old climate change sceptic with a job and a mortgage to behave like a spastic donkey with strange malicious behaviour” February 28, 2012

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I saw the below end snippet of a headline article in News.com.au, which was about “the dark world of trolling” (obviously it must be a slow news day)


Psychologists have long attributed bad behaviour online to “deindividuation” – the feeling people get when they think they are anonymous.

“Social distance can cause a 55-year-old climate change sceptic with a job and a mortgage to behave like a spastic donkey with strange malicious behaviour,” said researcher James Heathers, of the University of Sydney.

He said the quality of online conversations in general seemed to be worsening by the day, and had now turned into a competition to see who can yell “urrgggh lame” the loudest.

“There’s no turn-taking, or reacting like there is in face-to-face communication,” he said. “The conversational structure is completely broken and there’s no thoughtful consideration of issues.”

Source: News.com.au 28 February 2012

A very strongly worded piece from Dr Heathers, however, trolling actually happens on both sides of the climate change debate.

If social distance can cause a “55-year-old climate change sceptic with a job and a mortgage to behave like a spastic donkey with strange malicious behavior”, then I would like to know the following from Dr Heathers:

What would cause the behavior of a 55 year old climate scientist(Dr Peter Gleick), with a phd, who had a job with the American Geophysical Union Task Force on Scientific Ethics to use a false name, in order to obtain confidential documents from The Heartland Institute. There are also some serious allegations that he was also the one who forged some of the documents in order to try and discredit the institute for being sceptical on man-made climate change.

P.S. – Dr Heathers, how is that “global warming” working out for you in Sydney? I hear Sydney has had one of the coldest summers on record.


Fakegate affair: Let’s blame it on “the heat of the moment” February 25, 2012

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The below extract is from the Scientific American regarding the Peter Gleick Fakegate affair

The Peter Gleick Incident: All Heat and No Light

Scientific American
24 February 2012

Will the unethical release of documents from the controversial Heartland Institute undermine climate science? We ask climate scientist Gavin Schmidt

How should scientists respond to this incident?
The proper response to misinformation is better information. Heartland and other groups like them just repeat the same old nonsense over and over again. You can spend your time trying to show that they are corrupt in some way, but that doesn’t help. Everybody knows there are fossil-fuel interests that are fueling these groups. It’s not news to demonstrate that. As scientists, we’re supposed to be ethical, and upstanding, and we’re supposed to have truth and light on our side, and generally we do, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not human, that we’re not sometimes prone to irrationality in the heat of the moment.

Read it all here

The Global Warming “heat” made me do it Sir!

Sad Settled Science February 22, 2012

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Sad Settled Science

February 22, 2012

The big news this week is of course about a Scientist (who coined the phrase “the debate is over“), who has a Phd, who chaired a Task Force on Ethics and who leaked documents of a private institution.

Own Goal mate

A sad, sad day for Science

The science is rattled and sad

A Tim Flannery Cartoon February 18, 2012

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A Tim Flannery cartoon

There is a hilariously funny cartoon by John Spooner from, The Age (Click here to View) . The Age is normally a warmist publication so it was quite a surprise to see it there.


Julia Gillard to Tim Flannery (top picture)
“Tim, sorry to drag you in like this. I’m not that upset that you were so wrong about water shortages now that we’re drowing in the stuff. And how were you to know that there would be no statistically significant increase in warming for the last 15 years of increasing CO2 emissions.”

Julia Gillard to Tim Flannery: (lower image)
“No! I want to know why I pay you 10 times what Bob Carter gets and he still wins the argument!”

The cartoon is in light of the recent Heartland leak. For our non-Australian visitors, the lady on the left-hand side is our Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and on the right is Australian Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery. Professor Bob Carter is one of Australia’s leading geologists and a climate realist.

Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery is very much a joke in Australia, he has a list of failed climate change predictions as long as my arm. He gets paid a taxpayer funded $180,000, three-day-a-week salary for his role as part-time chairman of the Australian Government’s Climate Commission.

There’s a saying that when Flannery tells you that your city is about to run out of  water, move to higher ground and invest in an umbrella company.

Also Construction of the Flannery Centre($7.5 million taxpayer funded sustainability shack), named after Tim Flannery who predicted ”the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems” in a permanently drier ”new climate”, has been again delayed. By rain.