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The new green jobs: 12 bucks an hour June 4, 2009

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The new ‘good’ job: 12 bucks an hour

CNN, June 4, 2009

In the Midwest, communities race to replace dwindling auto jobs with renewable energy ones, but workers will have to sacrifice on their pay.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Massive investment in renewable energy could ultimately create 4 million manufacturing jobs. But for the workers in the bottom rung of this movement, the shift to green jobs could very well mean a pay cut of nearly 60%, a trend spreading across the entire manufacturing sector.

Many of the entry-level jobs making green energy components start at $12 an hour, much less than the now extinct $28 an hour job that had allowed high school-educated workers in the auto sector to achieve middle class status.

“Particularly at the lower end, these are not very good jobs,” said Philip Mattera, research director at Good Jobs First, a labor-friendly research group, also acknowledging that the renewable energy sector paid wages that were “all over the map.”

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Green obsession puts deadly heat on elderly April 7, 2009

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Green obsession puts deadly heat on elderly

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, April 08, 2009

THE green jihad against airconditioners must stop. Too many elderly Australians have died already.

Victoria’s chief health officer, Dr John Carnie, this week said some 374 Victorians may have been killed by the January heat wave, most of them old.

In South Australia, the toll is estimated at 80.

Just how many died because power blackouts knocked out their airconditioning is not known. And I doubt either government will ever say.

But what we are told is that both states now have plans to cut off the airconditioning – or make it too costly for pensioners to use – just when the heat is at its most lethal and the lives of the elderly hang in the balance.

True. But first the background.

Neither Victoria nor South Australia have built the infrastructure to cope with so many airconditioners in McMansions being turned on at the same time on a blistering day.

Building power stations is no longer sexy with so much global warming hysteria about, and investing in better power distribution wins few votes.

Thus both states risk blackouts when temperatures spike, which is why both governments ask you to turn off your airconditioner exactly when you want

it most. In Victoria, Deputy Premier Rob Hulls has urged people to avoid airconditioning. In South Australia, the Rann Government did the same as January’s heatwave neared, citing environmental reasons.

It’s the typical government response in these use less green times – to tell people to use less of what governments should actually provide more, whether water, power or land for urban housing.

Trouble is, airconditioning actually saves the lives of the elderly and sick. They are the first to die in extreme temperatures, as we saw as far back as Black Friday in 1939, when 438 people died from heat over just a few days, and despite the much smaller population.

That’s why Council of the Ageing chief executive John Yates pleaded in January: “If you have air conditioning, use it … It could be literally fatal for the older people not to.”

Senior Victorians Minister Lisa Neville now concedes much the same, promising the Brumby Government will next time help councils cope with further heatwaves by “providing a cool place of respite” to older residents.

But in my house, Lisa, a “cool place of respite” is next to our airconditioner. So here’s an idea: how about building a more reliable power supply and making airconditioners cheaper for the poor?

Sensible, you’d think. But not in a country so fiercely green that the Rudd Government has specifically banned schools from installing airconditioning with the $14 billion it’s giving them to fix facilities and build school halls.

So here’s what’s planned instead.

Victoria will soon lead a national roll-out of smart meters meant to force us to use less power during the peak period – from 2pm to 8pm on working days, just when temperatures tend to be highest.

Charging extra for peak power will alone drive up the cost of ducted cooling to as much as $11 for those six hours – too high for some pensioners.

But worse is that the price could rocket even higher if the distributors want to slash demand to stop blackouts. Then ducted cooling could cost as much as $78 – a price few aged pensioners could afford.

Even worse is the plan by ETSA Utilities, South Australia’s main electricity distributor, to install

remote-controlled switches in homes so it can turn off the compressors of airconditioners when power use is too high. As in during a heatwave.

So just as the heat gets too much for the old or weak, some technician in an ETSA office far away can cut their airconditioning with a flick of a switch.

That’s potentially murder by remote control – simply because a government is too sluggish and green-crazed to build a power supply that will cope with hot days and keep people alive.

So hear the chant of the times? Save the planet! Kill a pensioner!


Contradict a green at your peril March 20, 2009

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Contradict a green at your peril

Andrew Bolt, HeraldSun, March 20, 2009

Confront a green zealot and you could be hauled up for persecuting a religious minority:

Mr Nicholson, 41, was made redundant while head of sustainability at Grainger, Britain’s biggest residential property investment company, in July last year.  In the first case of its kind he has been given permission to sue his former employers for unfair dismissal, arguing that his beliefs on the environment prompted clashes with other senior executives, and led to his sacking.

Mr Nicholson said that his frustrations were underlined when the Rupert Dickinson, the chief executive, “showed contempt for the need to cut carbon emissions by flying out a member of the IT staff to Ireland to deliver his BlackBerry that he had left behind in London”… He said that Grainger’s executives would turn up for meetings in “some of the most high polluting cars on the road”.

But the company is defending itself by conceding precisely what it should deny:

Grainger sought to have Mr Nicholson’s case struck out arguing that his views on climate change were based on fact and science, not on philosophical belief.


Warming alarmist and filmmarker Gabriel London admits more than he should:

It sounds trite, but here’s my hunch: beliefs in global warming rise and fall with, well… the mercury. And that spells trouble for those of us who believe we need to make changes now to head off global warming.

Sum up: cold temperatures are frustrating alarmists who claim we’re actually hot.

Police arrest Plane Stupid Greenie March 8, 2009

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Police arrest Plane Stupid Greenie

Police arrest custard-hurling protester
AFP/Plane Stupid/File – The climate change protester who hurled green custard into the face of Business Secretary Peter Mandelson …

Police arrest custard-hurling protester

Sun Mar 8, 11:43 am ET

LONDON (AFP) – The climate change protester who hurled green custard into the face of Business Secretary Peter Mandelson has been arrested, police said on Sunday.

Leila Deen, 29, attended a central London police station “by appointment” on Saturday in connection with an investigation into the incident, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

“She was arrested by officers from Westminster Criminal Investigations Department and was bailed to return to a central London police station on a date in early April pending further enquiries,” the spokesman told AFP.

Deen hurled a cupful of custard at Lord Mandelson on Friday to highlight opposition to a new runway at Heathrow airport.

She gave television interviews afterwards, but was not detained by police.

“I was slightly surprised that she could just saunter off without being apprehended… but we do not live in a police state in Britain and thank goodness for it,” Mandelson told the BBC.

As a former Northern Ireland secretary, Mandelson is entitled to round-the-clock security, but he said he prefers to live without it.

Plane Stupid Greenies March 6, 2009

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Plane Stupid Greenies

An environmental protester, named by activists as Leila Deen, has attacked Peter Mandelson, the Business Secretary, throwing green custard in his face.

The attack came as Lord Mandelson arrived at the launch of the Government’s low carbon economy summit in London on Friday morning.

Leila Deen, an activist from the campaign group Plane Stupid, was behind the stunt, according to the group. The protest was part of an ongoing campaign against the proposed third runway at Heathrow airport.

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Beware the new faith October 27, 2008

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Beware the new faith

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, October 27, 2008

View Environmentalism is the New Religion on FORA.tv
View Environmentalism is the New Religion on FORA.tv

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Blow to image of ‘green’ reusable nappy October 22, 2008

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Blow to image of ‘green’ reusable nappy

From Times Onine, October 19, 2008

A government report that found old-fashioned reusable nappies damage the environment more than disposables has been hushed up because ministers are embarrassed by its findings.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has instructed civil servants not to publicise the conclusions of the £50,000 nappy research project and to adopt a “defensive” stance towards its conclusions.

The report found that using washable nappies, hailed by councils throughout Britain as a key way of saving the planet, have a higher carbon footprint than their disposable equivalents unless parents adopt an extreme approach to laundering them.

To reduce the impact of cloth nappies on climate change parents would have to hang wet nappies out to dry all year round, keep them for years for use on younger children, and make sure the water in their washing machines does not exceed 60C.

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Scientist who was fmr. Greenpeace member says ‘no proof’ CO2 is driving global temps! October 15, 2008

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Scientist who was fmr. Greenpeace member says ‘no proof’ CO2 is driving global temps!

From Canada Free Press, October 15, 2008

Another Dissenter: Finnish Scientist who was former Greenpeace member says ‘no proof’ CO2 is driving global temps!

Dr. Jarl R. Ahlbeck is lecturer of environmental technology and a chemical engineer at Abo Akademi University in Finland who has authored 200 scientific publications and hold four patents. Ahlbeck is a former member of Greenpeace and the Finnish socialist party DFFF. Bio here

No significant global warming since 1995

by Jarl R. Ahlbeck The writer is D.Sc. and lecturer at Abo Akademi University, Finland

The recovery of the earth’s climate from the little ice age started about 200 years ago, but the concentration of the atmospheric carbon dioxide started to increase significantly as late as in the 1950s, probably due to rapidly increased burning of fossil fuels.

The climate recovery is still an ongoing process today. A natural warming rate of roughly 0.5 deg C /100 years has been the baseline for more than 100 years, but both short (a few years) and long (20 years) fluctuations around the baseline have occurred for natural but highly speculative reasons, for example a rapid warming in the 1930s followed by a cooling period, and recently again warming until about 1998.

According to the UK climate panel IPCC, this last warming period has been forced by increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. There is however no proof of that and the theory of how carbon dioxide influences the global mean temperature is complicated and unreliable. And if the global temperature again starts to increase slower than the natural long-term trend of 0.5 deg C/100 years, or even starts to cool, we can be quite certain that the recent faster warming trends have been natural too.

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Take the greenhouse gasbags with a grain of salt October 14, 2008

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Take the greenhouse gasbags with a grain of salt

Bjorn Lomberg

Bjorn Lomberg

By Bjorn Lomborg

From The Australian, October 15, 2008

HAVE you noticed how environmental campaigners almost inevitably say that not only is global warming happening and bad, but also that what we are seeing is even worse than expected?

This is odd, because any reasonable understanding of how science proceeds would expect that, as we refine our knowledge, we find that things are sometimes worse and sometimes better than we expected, and that the most likely distribution would be about 50-50. Environmental campaigners, however, almost invariably see it as 100-0.

If we are regularly being surprised in just one direction, if our models get blindsided by an ever-worsening reality, that does not bode well for our scientific approach.

Indeed, one can argue that if the models constantly get something wrong, it is probably because the models are wrong. And if we cannot trust our models, we cannot know what policy action to take if we want to make a difference.

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Green denies tree murder October 13, 2008

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Green denies tree murder

From the Andrew Bolt Blog, October 13, 2008


How we laughed:

THE wife of a convener of the Australian Conservation Foundation is being charged with the alleged removal of 150 trees on the couple’s Blue Mountains property.

But the convenor, Ross Tzannes, denies he or his wife are hypocrites:

Mr Tzannes, who isalso a lawyer and a former president of the Sydney Film Festival, said he and his wife were overseas when the contractor was working on the property.

Overseas? Did Tzannes at least offset that dangerously gassy travel? By planting, say, trees?

(Warning to readers wishing to comment: there is a court case pending. Tzannes and his wife deny the allegations.)