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Australia: Labor to impose carbon tax next year, ETS in 2015 February 12, 2011

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Labor to impose carbon tax next year, ETS in 2015

The Australian, February 12, 2011

JULIA Gillard plans to introduce a carbon price from July 1 next year and defy the Greens by insisting on compensation for the coal and electricity industries, in a move that will infuriate its minority government partner.

The Weekend Australian understands the government will present its multi-party climate change committee next week with a plan for a fixed carbon price to operate from July 1, 2012, until about 2015-16 when the regime will move to an emissions trading scheme.

Labor is set to demand some “real-world compromise” from the Greens by insisting that compensation for energy-intensive industries such as electricity generation and trade-exposed industries remain close to that offered in the deal former prime minister Kevin Rudd hammered out with then opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull in late 2009.

The Prime Minister has set 2011 as a “year for decision” on a carbon price and is ambitiously pursuing a timetable under which legislation could be introduced into parliament before the end of this year.

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Australia’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) fails 41 to 33 – Climategate a contributor December 2, 2009

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Australia’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) fails 41 to 33 – Climategate a contributor

Watts Up With That, December 1, 2009

Add this to the United State’s Senate failure to even address the cap and trade issue, and it appears that carbon trading is losing the financial and political luster it once had. Now Australia’s ETS scheme is delayed in their senate with little hope of revival.

This says it pretty well at ABC News:

Senate kills off emissions trade laws

The Associated Press says:

Australia’s Parliament defeats global warming bill

Australia’s Parliament defeated legislation to set up a greenhouse gas emissions trading system on Wednesday, throwing a central plank of the government’s plans to combat global warming into disarray.

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ETS will kill Tourism, Transport and Trade September 16, 2009

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ETS will kill Tourism, Transport and Trade

By Viv Forbes Saturday
Canada Free Press, September 12, 2009

Emissions trading schemes proposed for the western world will guarantee another global financial crisis for tourism, transport and world trade.

All carbon control schemes have at their core two essential features aimed at reducing man’s production of the harmless gas, carbon dioxide. Firstly, increasingly severe rationing of carbon dioxide (CO2) releases. And secondly, taxes on all permitted emissions and punitive taxes on any excess. They are all Ration-and-Tax Schemes and they will all enforce arbitrary reductions by 2020.
But not one car, truck, bus, train, plane or ship can move without producing CO2. There is no possibility that this will change significantly before the doomsday year of 2020, just a decade away. Therefore neither Australia nor New Zealand can cut CO2 emissions by 2020 without slowly strangling all those industries that rely on moving people or goods.
Our politicians should be asked, individually, what food, mineral products and travel they propose doing without in order to meet the 2020 cuts specified in their Ration-and-Tax Schemes.

Australia and New Zealand comprise four lonely islands in the vast southern oceans which stretch from Africa to South America
However, world population, political power and finance are concentrated far away in the Northern Hemisphere.
Apart from a few stock horses used by drovers, the occasional sailing yacht, some suburban bicycles and some hydro power that moves trains, our transport fleets rely totally on petrol, diesel, gas and coal. There are no solar powered aeroplanes or sail powered ocean liners – all produce CO2.
Neither country can import tourists, get mineral and food products to their cities or export goods to world markets without producing CO2.
Already France has introduced travel rationing using a carbon tax and the UK Institute for Public Policy says that “the government may need to introduce carbon rationing to cut pollution from everyday activities such as filling up the car, using electricity and flying abroad for holidays”. A UK government committee even proposes that airline taxes should be raised progressively to “a level that would put people off flying”.
Our politicians should be asked what effect these measures and our local Ration-N-Tax Schemes will have on the South Pacific tourist industries.

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Rudd Government has delayed the start date of its proposed emissions trading scheme May 4, 2009

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Article from: The Australian

THE Rudd Government has delayed the start date of its proposed emissions trading scheme by a year to win Senate support for its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
The measure is just one of a series a compromise measures announced by the Prime Minister in an attempt to win the support of the Greens for its climate blueprint.

The package includes a very low fixed price on carbon for the first year of the scheme’s operation and extra assistance for each of the two categories of so-called trade exposed industries for the duration of the recession.

It also includes the concession that the government will consider a tougher emissions reduction target of 25 per cent of 2000 levels by 2020, in the unlikely event of a global agreement designed to limit the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at 450 parts per million. Otherwise the government’s previously announced target range of 5 to 15 per cent would apply.

The amendments, signed off by the Cabinet subcommittee on climate change this morning, and later announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at a press conference in Canberra, are designed to win support from Malcolm Turnbull’s opposition in the Senate and appease mounting industry concern about the costs of the scheme during the global recession.

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Mining chief warns on ETS, IR and jobs January 25, 2009

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Mining chief warns on ETS, IR and jobs

AC | January 25 2009

Mitch Hooke

Minerals Council of Australia chief executive Mitchell “Mitch” Hooke said there were no prizes for “hairy-chested leadership” on emissions trading and the Government’s policies need to be better aligned to the rest of the world and to the capabilities of technology.

If the Government ignores this, the ETS cost will flow through as a tax on the bottom line and will mean a loss of jobs, he told ABC Melbourne radio on Friday.

“You cannot be in the green if you’re not in the black,” he said. “And if the black is starting to look red then there will be a loss and it will go to jobs. It’s as simple as that.”

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ETS a big pain for little gain December 24, 2008

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ETS a big pain for little gain

Professor Bob Carter

Professor Bob Carter

By Professor Bob Carter, December 19, 2008

THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change model of dangerous, human-caused climate change has failed. Independent science relevant to supposed human-caused global warming is clear, and can be summarised in four briefpoints.

First, global temperature warmed slightly in the late 20th century and has been cooling since 2002. Neither the warming nor the cooling were of unusual rate ormagnitude.

Second, humans have an effect on local climate but, despite the expenditure of more than $US50 billion ($70 billion) looking for it since 1990, no globally summed human effect has ever been measured. Therefore, any human signal must lie buried in the variability of the natural climate system.

Third, we live on a dynamic planet; change occurs in Earth’s geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and oceans all the time and all over the world. No substantive evidence exists that modern rates of global environmental change (ice volume; sea level) lie outside historic natural bounds.

Last, cutting carbon dioxide emissions, be it in Australia or worldwide, will likely result in no measurable change in future climate, because extra increments of atmospheric CO2 cause diminishing warming for each unit of increase; at most, a few tenths of a degree of extra warming would result from a completion of doubling of CO2 since pre-industrial times.

These facts notwithstanding, the Rudd Government is poised to introduce a CO2 taxation bill on doubly spurious grounds. It presumes, first, that dangerous warming caused by human emissions is occurring, or will shortly occur. And, second, that cuts to emissions will prevent significant amounts of future warming.

There is, therefore, now a dramatic disjunction between scientific reality and the stranglehold that global warming alarmism has on planned Australian climate policy.

Today’s public views about climate change are based upon 20 years of promulgation of dangerous global warming by what has become a hugely powerful coalition of self-interested groups and agencies.

Beneficiaries of warming alarmism include individual scientists, managers of research centres, morally pretentious environmental non-government organisations, prestigious science academies and societies, bureaucrats from government greenhouse and climate agencies, big businesses poised for carbon trading (think Enron and Lehman Brothers), alternative energy providers, those in the media who remorselessly promulgate environmental alarm stories, and, last but not least, those uninformed politicians who seek political advantage from cynical exploitation of the public’s fear of global warming.

The Australian Government does not possess a national climate policy; instead, it has an imaginary global warming policy, based on sub-prime science, sub-prime economics and sub-prime politics.

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Another Tax and More Politics: The ETS Proposed for Australia December 12, 2008

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Another Tax and More Politics: The ETS Proposed for Australia

By Jennifer Marohasy, December 11, 2008

I am the Chair of The Australian Environment Foundation and we are planning an Internet campaign to oppose the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) proposed for Australia on the basis:

1.  An ETS will not change the global temperature;

2.  Will force many clean and green Australian industries overseas; and

3.  Will make Australians poorer; while it is generally richer, not poorer nations that are better able to protect their natural environment.

We have a fundraising target of A$30,000 and already we have already raised just over $11,000 from donations.  So we need another A$19,000.

The campaign website will be designed to help build a large online community; providing a place for action as well as information.  Those who log on will be able to source information quickly as well as find their local MP so they can send him/her a message.

The website will be designed so that more than one campaign can be running at a time – and old campaigns can be archived.  The campaign opposing the ETS will be just the first.  The Australian Environment Foundation wants to be able to take a stand, and importantly help its members and supporters be heard, when decisions are being made against the weight of evidence.

So far donations have ranged from $25 to $2,000.   Please make a contribution.

If you can make a financial contribution, please go to our website and donate through the PayPal facility using your credit card. http://www.aefweb.info/ .

If you prefer to use Internet banking: Australian Environment Foundation, BSB No:  013 308 Account No: 4978 00416.

Alternatively, send a cheque to the Australian Environment Foundation, PO Box 274, Deakin West, ACT 2600.

There is nothing honest or clever about the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme.  It is just another tax and more politics.



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From The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

HOW ENRON ORIGINATED THE EMISSIONS TRADING SCAM “Horner’s argument is that we are getting a one-sided discussion of climate change because most media outlets, politicians, activists and a substantial section of big business have – in a variety of ways – got an interest in keeping it that way. He tells me: ‘This affirms a worldview of many people: “Man is wretched, an agent of doom”; “There’s just about enough of [the moral people] and way too many of everyone else”; “Markets are horrible and the state needs to be much bigger”; “Development is terrible”. All of those movements find refuge in the global warming industry.’  – Review of Christopher Horner’s book “Red Hot Lies”.  LINK

$600 million Kyoto slug – thanks, Kevin November 17, 2008

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$600 million Kyoto slug – thanks, Kevin

From the Australian Conservative, November 17, 2008

Australian Conservative has been warning that, based on the New Zealand experience, Australia was being set up for a massive bill because PM Kevin Rudd signed the Kyoto Protocol.

Mark Henderson looked at the potential cost to Australia for signing something that won’t achieve anything.

Today comes this news from Bloomberg:

Twenty nations including Japan, Italy and Australia may be releasing more greenhouse-gas pollution than they agreed to under the Kyoto treaty to curb global warming.

Australia, which only ratified Kyoto in 2007, will need credits to cover 20.6 million tons a year, at an estimated annual cost of 325 million euros, based on the CER price. Japan, which New Carbon Finance predicts will need 587 million credits, says new energy-efficiency policies will help the nation meet its target.

That’s a price of more than $600 million.

Yet another example of the hard-earned government surplus built up by messers Howard and Costello being frittered away by the Australian Labor Party as they spend like drunken sailors.

Look where 13 years of ALP rule in New South Wales has left the once-premier state. The basket case of Australia.


Recycling causes global warming! September 29, 2008

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Recycling causes global warming!



By the blogowner, honestclimate, September 29, 2008

Australia’s largest recycling company has warned that the Government’s proposed emissions trading scheme would force it to immediately close two recycling and paper manufacturing facilities with the direct loss of 160 jobs.

Visy, renowned as one of the nation’s greenest companies, has slammed the proposed scheme’s cost of $20 on a tonne of emissions, in its response to the Government’s emissions trading green paper.

“The CPRS (Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) does not recognise the carbon benefits from recycling, leading to severe collateral impacts on Australia’s domestic recycling/remanufacturing industries.

I'm bad!

I'm bad!

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