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$600 million Kyoto slug – thanks, Kevin November 17, 2008

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$600 million Kyoto slug – thanks, Kevin

From the Australian Conservative, November 17, 2008

Australian Conservative has been warning that, based on the New Zealand experience, Australia was being set up for a massive bill because PM Kevin Rudd signed the Kyoto Protocol.

Mark Henderson looked at the potential cost to Australia for signing something that won’t achieve anything.

Today comes this news from Bloomberg:

Twenty nations including Japan, Italy and Australia may be releasing more greenhouse-gas pollution than they agreed to under the Kyoto treaty to curb global warming.

Australia, which only ratified Kyoto in 2007, will need credits to cover 20.6 million tons a year, at an estimated annual cost of 325 million euros, based on the CER price. Japan, which New Carbon Finance predicts will need 587 million credits, says new energy-efficiency policies will help the nation meet its target.

That’s a price of more than $600 million.

Yet another example of the hard-earned government surplus built up by messers Howard and Costello being frittered away by the Australian Labor Party as they spend like drunken sailors.

Look where 13 years of ALP rule in New South Wales has left the once-premier state. The basket case of Australia.



GO GO GO! September 27, 2008

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From the Tim Blair Blog, September 27, 2008

We’ve broken through the 10 billion tonne barrier:

Global carbon emissions are continuing to rise at alarming rates despite efforts by households and governments across the developed world to go green.

Official new figures show the rate of emissions is increasing at an alarming 3.5 per cent a year—exceeding the worst-case scenarios of the UN’s peak scientific body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Despite years of effort to change our ways, the Global Carbon Project report shows that for the first time, humans are now emitting more than 10 billion tonnes of carbon annually.

And the emissions are accelerating, having already increased over the past eight years at four times the rate in the 1990s.

Just as well it isn’t having the slightest effect on the weather. Anyway, I blame Kevin Rudd:

(Art by Igor Saktor)