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Go green, global warming, Al Gore are jokes, hoaxes September 27, 2008

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Go green, global warming, Al Gore are jokes, hoaxes

By Alex Kosters

From Cardinal Points, September 26, 2008

Did you know that about 97 percent of the C02 emitted into the air is created naturally? It comes mainly from decaying plants, forest fires, and volcanoes. We ought to ban dying plants and volcanoes, and Smokey The Bear needs to go to jail. Roughly 3 percent of it is caused by humans.

How about the fact that our convenient energy-saving bulbs contain mercury? That makes me feel great. It seems that a lot of people are capitalizing on our guilt.

When you print something in the computer lab or the library, the supposed “print limit” is there to make you feel guilty so you’ll print less. There’s no real print limit. Click on the details button and you’ll be taken to a page showing how many trees you’ve killed, how much C02 you’ve created, and how much energy you’ve used. But don’t fear, there are many places to put your money to ease your guilt about this. You can buy made-up things called carbon credits, or you can wait until there’s a carbon tax implemented.

Do you feel terrible about deforestation? Well the good news is we’ve been gaining forestland since 1985. How about some more fun facts? There is no scientific mechanism out there proving C02 causes global warming. Furthermore, “global warming,” as we understand it, hasn’t been proven to exist. Even if it did exist, we would not know what to do to fix it, if we could even fix it at all.

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Met Office says climate change deniers deluded have their head in the sand September 23, 2008

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Met Office says climate change deniers deluded have their head in the sand



By the blogowner, honestclimate

What do you do when you’re the UK Met Office and you keep getting your climate forecasts wrong?

Why, you turn around and say that climate change deniers are deluded and have their heads in the sand!

No wonder the UK Met Office is on the attack, the globe has refused to warm for ten years, with RECORD cold temperatures being set every month around the world.

Could it be that the UK Met Office has its head in the clouds?

Global Warming, where are ya?

Global Warming, where art thou?

A Lethal Global Cocktail – why we should be concerned September 22, 2008

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A lethal global cocktail – why we should be very concerned

By the blogowner, honestclimate, September 22, 2008

What do you get when you mix the following ingredients together?

Global Financial Crisis

+Global Cooling (extreme cooling predicted)

+Global Drought (severe drought predicted 2009-2016)

global drought

global financial crisis

global cooling

= A Lethal Global Cocktail

We have recently witnessed a financial crisis not seen in a long time, just last week Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Lehman Brothers was the oldest bank in the United States, a bank heavily invested in the politics of climate change, but couldn’t even predict its own downfall.

Now we have news of an impending global drought and global cooling, mix this in with the current financial crisis and we have reason for concern.

I’d like to share with you predictions by 2 well respected scientists:

The first by Professor William Alexander who has predicted a severe global drought from 2009-2016.

The second is a global cooling prediction by Professor Joseph D’Aleo.

Click here for Professor William Alexander’s Drought Prediction paper

Click here for Professor Joseph D’Aleo’s article on Global Cooling

As you can see we are in for some really tough times, whilst our politicians insist on squandering millions upon millions upon trying to prevent global warming, something us humans clearly have no control of. After all, the globe has refused to warm since 1998, whilst human co2 has increased substantially.


Global Warming: Is The Debate Over? September 13, 2008

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John Stossel discusses the question of man-made global warming and…..finds that the debate is NOT over!