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Australia’s Channel 7 invites skeptics to debate February 5, 2011

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Australia’s Channel 7 invites skeptics to debate

After watching Saturday’s Channel 7 segment “Sunrise All Stars”, where the heated topic of discussion was “Is Cyclone Yasi being politicised?”, on the segment Sunday morning they decided it would be best, in future, to invite experts from both sides to debate man-made climate change. Calling all skeptical scientists, here is your chance! Channel 7 contact details here.

For some background you can view Saturday’s segment click here. (Go Prue MacSween!!!)

For Sunday’s segment re the suggestion of expert debate click here (from 6 min mark)

UPDATE 13 Feb 2011: The debate has been held, click here to view (Associate Professor Mark Diesendorf versus Associate Professor Stewart Franks)

Global Warming: Is The Debate Over? September 13, 2008

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John Stossel discusses the question of man-made global warming and…..finds that the debate is NOT over!