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Fakegate affair: Let’s blame it on “the heat of the moment” February 25, 2012

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The below extract is from the Scientific American regarding the Peter Gleick Fakegate affair

The Peter Gleick Incident: All Heat and No Light

Scientific American
24 February 2012

Will the unethical release of documents from the controversial Heartland Institute undermine climate science? We ask climate scientist Gavin Schmidt

How should scientists respond to this incident?
The proper response to misinformation is better information. Heartland and other groups like them just repeat the same old nonsense over and over again. You can spend your time trying to show that they are corrupt in some way, but that doesn’t help. Everybody knows there are fossil-fuel interests that are fueling these groups. It’s not news to demonstrate that. As scientists, we’re supposed to be ethical, and upstanding, and we’re supposed to have truth and light on our side, and generally we do, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not human, that we’re not sometimes prone to irrationality in the heat of the moment.

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The Global Warming “heat” made me do it Sir!