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Surgery bans elderly patient over her carbon footprint April 5, 2012

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Surgery bans elderly patient over her carbon footprint

The Telegraph
3 April 2012

An elderly woman was ordered to find a new GP because the “carbon footprint” of her two-mile round trips to the surgery where she had been treated for 30 years was too large.

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Flashback to 2009

Climate change madness from the WHO: Hospitals urged to reduce their carbon footprints!

Hospitals should use alternative forms of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines, install energy-efficient lightbulbs as well as buy organic food from local suppliers and make ambulances more environmentally friendly, the WHO said.

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Ambulance of the Future?

What about our kids and future generations May 26, 2011

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What about our kids and future generations

Former Australian Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Kevin “747” Rudd in 2008

We must prepare for a low-carbon economy.
To delay any longer, to stay in denial as the climate change sceptics and some members opposite would have us do, is reckless and irresponsible.
For our generation, for our kids and future generations, we must act now.

Kevin “Carbon Bigfoot” Rudd in 2011

GLOBETROTTER Kevin Rudd has notched up a staggering 384,000km in overseas air travel since becoming Foreign Minister – the equivalent of flying to the moon.

And despite being the only cabinet minister to drive a fuel-efficient Toyoto Prius, his global carbon footprint amounts to 58 tonnes – equivalent to driving 13 Holden Commodores for a year.

(Art by Igor Saktor)

“Children offsets” to become mandatory February 10, 2009

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“Children offsets” to become mandatory

By the blogowner honestclimate, February 10, 2009

As you are all aware, having more than 2 children causes global warming and a huge amount of stress on our natural environment. For those with more than 2 children, the below applies for each additional child.

Children offsets

Child offsets cost a one-off $1million* and cover the below basket of offsets for the lifetime of your additional children.**

Cola offsets: To offset the dangerous carbon dioxide injected into soft drinks

Beer/Wine offsets: Money will be used to plant barley and grapes.

Electronics offsets: This covers computers, tvs, playstations, cell phones, iPods etc.

Automobile offsets: Please note a 20% surcharge for additional male offspring as they are known to buy faster cars which exit more carbon.

F.A.R.T offsets: Belching is also covered under this offset. Please note a 20% surcharge for additional male offspring as they are known to emit more gas.

Hairdryer offsets: This applies to additional female offspring only.

McDonalds offsets: This is to offset bovine belching and gas.

Turbine offsets: Windmills have a propensity to catch fire, the carbon emitting fumes need to be offset.

Cigarette offsets: We endorse cigarette smoking. It’s a very important revenue raiser with which we can purchase more windmills. We still need to purchase 100 million windmills after we destroyed all coal plants through vandalism. The other really great thing about smoking is that it causes early death which means fewer people on earth emitting dangerous carbon dioxide.

Sports offsets: When exercising the human body emits more dangerous carbon dioxide. This must be offset.

Special cuddles offset:
See sport offsets. Also we do not encourage this activity as it can lead to unnecessary births and is the reason for child offsets in the first place.

Denier offsets: Money will be used to finance attacks on any of your little critters who grow up denying that man is responsible for every climate catastrophe in the world.

*Actuarial calculations:
-Based on life expectancy of 80 years
-If you outlive your child, you will be entitled to 50% refund.
-If payment in full is not possible, we will arrange a payment plan.

**The following are exempt from child offsets and are free to have as many children as they wish:
-climate scientists

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint October 6, 2008

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Mobile phones to track carbon footprinty

By Alok Jha

From Gaurdian, September 29, 2008

Carbon Diem's mobile phone carbon calculator Carbon Diem’s mobile phone carbon calculator

Keeping track of your carbon footprint could become as simple as slipping a mobile phone in your pocket: a London-based start-up company has developed software for mobile phones that uses global positioning satellites to work out automatically whether you are walking, driving or flying and then calculate your impact on the environment.

Carbon Diem’s inventors claim that, by using GPS to measure the speed and pattern of movement, their algorithm can identify the mode of transport being used. It can therefore calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that a journey has emitted into the atmosphere – without any need for input from the traveller.

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