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A first? Climategate enabled political shift in Australia – warmist replaced with sceptic December 1, 2009

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A first? Climategate enabled political shift in Australia – warmist replaced with sceptic

Via Watts Up With That, 1 December 2009

The Liberal Party in Australia’s parliament has a new leader.

Herald Sun Blogger and Columnist, Andrew bolt writes to me in an email:


This may be a first: a major political party has dumped a global warming believer as leader and replaced him with sceptic who last month called AGW “crap”. Tony Abbott has tempered his public pronouncements since, but has today become the new Liberal leader, toppling warmist Malcolm Turnbull, specifically because he was the only one of the three contenders today to promise to delay the Government’s emissions trading scheme.

Bolt adds some background:

Following up with excerpts from new Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s memoir Battlelines, released in July.

On page 171 he quotes, with approval, Bjorn Lomborg:

“Natural science has undeniably shown us that global warming is man-made and real. But just as undeniable is the economic science, which makes it clear that a narrow focus on reducing carbon emissions could leave future generations lumbered with major costs, without major cuts in temperatures.”

Abbott then adds:

“Without binding universal arrangements, any effort by Australia (on emissions trading) could turn out to be a futile gesture, damaging local industry but making no appreciable dent in global emissions…. Another big problem with any Australian emissions reduction scheme is that it would not make a material difference to atmospheric carbon concentrations unless the big international polluters had similar schemes. Australia accounts for about 1 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions. At recent rates of growth, China’s increase in emissions in about a year could match Australia’s entire carbon dioxide output. Without binding universal arrangements, any effort by Australia could turn out to be a futile gesture, damaging local industry but making no appreciable dent in global emissions.”

Read the rest here

Climate Debate – Bolt vs Penberthy: Who’s right? November 27, 2009

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Climate Debate – Bolt vs Penberthy: Who’s right?

Via AdelaideNow, November 27, 2009

-Andrew Bolt argues global warming is a giant scientific fraud <click here>

-David Penberthy says we should trust the experts <click here >.

Who do you believe?

Me, in an international conspiracy? by Andrew Bolt November 11, 2009

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Me, in an international conspiracy?

By Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, November 11, 2009

I HAD no idea I was a corrupt, reckless, arrogant, deceitful, dangerous and gutless conspirator who’d rather put my children in danger than help the Prime Minister stop global warming.

But so Kevin Rudd has told the nation, naming me as one of just four Australians who’ve joined a global cabal plotting to stop him from saving you.

Never have I heard such a mad speech from a prime minister as the one Rudd gave on Friday at the Lowy Institute, when he exposed an alleged “legion of climate change sceptics” who were “active across the world” and had “tentacles” deep in the Opposition.

These “deniers”, now a “major force”, “simply do not care” that “the clock is ticking for the planet” since “the vested interests at work are simply too great”.

So “well resourced” were we “political cowards” that we were “prepared to destroy our children’s future”.

And four times Rudd singled out the four villains at the heart of this plot, as in: “Malcolm, Barnaby, Andrew and Janet – stop gambling with our future.”

Read the rest here

Warming alarmists cry wolf April 19, 2009

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Warming alarmists cry wolf

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 12:04am

There seem to be fewer wolves around Lake Superior, so who do you blame?

If you’re a green group like the Nationals Parks Conservation Association, the answer is not just obvious but mandatory:

For years, our national parks have clearly demonstrated the effects of climate change, from disappearing glaciers in Glacier National Park to record floods in Mount Rainier National Park and dwindling wolf and moose populations in Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior.

But if you’re a scientist still keener on evidence than funding and fame…:

The wolves on Isle Royale are suffering from genetically deformed bones. Scientists from Michigan Technological University blame the extreme inbreeding of the small, isolated wolf population at the island National Park in northern Lake Superior… During this year’s Winter Study, Vucetich and Peterson found two dead wolves with misshapen vertebrae, one killed by other wolves and the other, which also had severe arthritis, frozen under the ice of a lake.

This was a particularly cold, hard year on the wolves and moose of Isle Royale. The researchers counted 24 wolves, close to the long-term average population size, but two of the four wolf packs did not have any pups that survived, Vucetich reported.

Sum up: the science shows that wolves are suffering from inbreeding more than climate change, and from unusual cold rather than unusual heat. But try telling that to a professional LEGAL SNIP global warming alarmist.

The 10 worst warming predictions December 18, 2008

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The 10 worst warming predictions
Andrew Bolt
Friday, December 19, 2008 at 12:16am

GLOBAL warming preachers have had a shocking 2008. So many of their predictions this year went splat.

Here’s their problem: they’ve been scaring us for so long that it’s now possible to check if things are turning out as hot as they warned.

And good news! I bring you Christmas cheer – the top 10 warming predictions to hit the wall this year.

Read, so you can end 2008 with optimism, knowing this Christmas won’t be the last for you, the planet or even the polar bears.


TIM Flannery, an expert in bones, has made a fortune from books and lectures warning that we face global warming doom. He scared us so well that we last year made him Australian of the Year.

In March, Flannery said: “The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.”

In fact, Adelaide’s reservoirs are now 75 per cent full, just weeks from 2009.

In June last year, Flannery warned Brisbane’s “water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months”.

In fact, 18 months later, its dams are 46 per cent full after Brisbane’s wettest spring in 27 years.

In 2005, Flannery predicted Sydney’s dams could be dry in just two years.

In fact, three years later its dams are 63 per cent full, not least because June last year was its wettest since 1951.

In 2004, Flannery said global warming would cause such droughts that “there is a fair chance Perth will be the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis”.

In fact, Perth now has the lowest water restrictions of any state capital, thanks to its desalination plant and dams that are 40 per cent full after the city’s wettest November in 17 years.

Lesson: This truly is a land “of drought and flooding rains”. Distrust a professional panic merchant who predicts the first but ignores the second.


PROFESSOR Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, of Queensland University, is Australia’s most quoted reef expert.

He’s advised business, green and government groups, and won our rich Eureka Prize for scares about the Great Barrier Reef. He’s chaired a $20 million global warming study of the World Bank.

In 1999, Hoegh-Guldberg warned that the Great Barrier Reef was under pressure from global warming, and much of it had turned white.

In fact,
he later admitted the reef had made a “surprising” recovery.

In 2006, he warned high temperatures meant “between 30 and 40 per cent of coral on Queensland’s great Barrier Reef could die within a month”.

In fact, he later admitted this bleaching had “a minimal impact”.

In 2007, he warned that temperature changes of the kind caused by global warming were again bleaching the reef.

In fact, the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network last week said there had been no big damage to the reef caused by climate change in the four years since its last report, and veteran diver Ben Cropp said this week that in 50 years he’d seen none at all.

Lesson: Reefs adapt, like so much of nature. Learn again that scares make big headlines and bigger careers.

IN April this year, the papers were full of warnings the Arctic ice could all melt.

“We’re actually projecting this year that the North Pole may be free of ice for the first time,” claimed Dr David Barber, of Manitoba University, ignoring the many earlier times the Pole has been ice free.

“It’s hard to see how the system may bounce back (this year),” fretted Dr Ignatius Rigor, of Washington University’s polar science centre.

Tim Flannery also warned “this may be the Arctic’s first ice-free year”, and the ABC and Age got reporter Marian Wilkinson to go stare at the ice and wail: “Here you can see climate change happening before your eyes.”

In fact, the Arctic’s ice cover this year was almost 10 per cent above last year’s great low, and has refrozen rapidly since. Meanwhile, sea ice in the Southern Hemisphere has been increasing. Been told either cool fact?

Yet Barber is again in the news this month, predicting an ice-free Arctic now in six years. Did anyone ask him how he got his last prediction wrong?

Lesson: The media prefers hot scares to cool truths. And it rarely holds its pet scaremongers to account.

AL Gore sold his scary global warming film, An Inconvenient Truth, shown in almost every school in the country, with a poster of a terrible hurricane.

Former US president Bill Clinton later gloated: “It is now generally recognised that while Al Gore and I were ridiculed, we were right about global warming. . . It’s going to lead to more hurricanes.”

In fact, there is still no proof of a link between any warming and hurricanes.

Australia is actually getting fewer cyclones, and last month researchers at Florida State University concluded that the 2007 and 2008 hurricane seasons had the least tropical activity in the Northern Hemisphere in 30 years.

Lesson: Beware of politicians riding the warming bandwagon.

ROSS Garnaut, a professor of economics, is the guru behind the Rudd Government’s global warming policies.

He this year defended the ugly curved steel roof he’d planned at the rear of his city property, telling angry locals he was protecting himself from climate change: “Severe and more frequent hailstones will be a feature of this change,” he said.

In fact, even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits “decreases in hail frequency are simulated for Melbourne. . .”

Lesson: Beware also of government advisers on that warming wagon.

A BAD ski season three years ago – right after a great one – had The Age and other alarmists blaming global warming. The CSIRO, once our top science body, fanned the fear by claiming resorts such as Mt Hotham and Mt Buller could lose a quarter of their snow by 2020.

In fact, this year was another boom one for skiing, with Mt Hotham and Mt Buller covered in snow five weeks before the season started.

What’s more, a study this year in the Hydrological Sciences Journal checked six climate models, including one used by the CSIRO.

It found they couldn’t even predict the regional climate we’d had already: “Local model projections cannot be credible . . .”

It also confirmed the finding of a study last year in the International Journal of Climatology that the 22 most cited global warming models could not “accurately explain the (global) climate from the recent past”.

As for predicting the future. . .


How to deal with a Global Warming skeptic in a cooling world December 16, 2008

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How to deal with a Global Warming skeptic in a cooling world

By the blogowner, honestclimate, December 16, 2008

The world is no warmer today than it was in 1998, we can’t have people thinking that global warming has stopped. Below is an easy to understand flow diagram on how to deal with global warming skeptics in a cooling world…

(click image for larger view)

Also don’t forget the below flow diagram on:
How to become a climate scientist

(click image for larger view)

Arctic doomed again and again December 14, 2008

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(Note from the blogowner, honestclimate, I have added these predictions of the Arctic melting to my predictions page, which can be viewed here)

Arctic doomed again and again

From the Andrew Bolt blog, December 14, 2008

Take down their names and addresses. In six years we will need them:

Scientists warn climate change is causing ice in the Canadian Arctic to melt so quickly, the region will have an ice-free season in six years… Dr. David Barber, one of the scientists on the expedition, says “the Arctic is telling us that climate change is coming quicker and stronger.”

Hmm. Barber? Wasn’t he warning us early this year that the Arctic could be ice free this northern summer?  Why, yes:

We’re actually projecting this year that the North Pole may be free of ice for the first time [in history],” David Barber, of the University of Manitoba, told National Geographic News aboard the C.C.G.S. Amundsen, a Canadian research icebreaker.”

So how did that last prediction of his work out? Here’s the ice at the Arctic after the summer had melted it most (left) and how it’s rebounded nicely since:


Climate Sanity explains just why Barber’s latest claim, repeated without any scepticism by the ABC, of course, is just as likely to go bung, and offers a bet.


No matter how extreme your green policy, Bob Brown will simply trump it – and without going to the bother of credibly explaining how he’d do what he promised and how much it would cost:

Instead of a 5 to 15percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, Australia must aim now at reducing output by 100percent (building a zero-emissions economy) by 2050, with reductions of at least 40percent below 1990 levels by 2020.

People actually vote for this bloke. That’s the scariest bit.


Meanwhile, Britain shivvers:

It is the coldest start to December since 1976, when the average was 33.4F (0.8C).