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Cancel all the crazy capers and repeal the insane taxes to stop the climate madness April 15, 2012

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Cancel all the crazy capers and repeal the insane taxes to stop the climate madness

By Viv Forbes
April 5 2012

Pretend for a moment that we wanted to forcibly reduce the production of carbon dioxide by Australians.

There are three ways to do it.

The first option is to levy a tax on every tonne of carbon dioxide produced. This assumes that if you tax something, less of it will be produced. This is phase 1 of the Gillard/Greens scheme. Tax payers rate this the “least worst” scheme because it is simple, easily demonised and easily abolished once it becomes obvious that it is achieving no climate benefits at great cost.

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1. Bob Campbell - April 15, 2012

It is all madness Viv, madness and hypocrisy. Selling coal overseas while tyring not to use it here. Selling uranium overseas but not using it here.

2. David Nutzuki (@DavidNutzuki) - April 15, 2012

If climate change isn’t a crisis, it isn’t a threat and isn’t real. REAL planet lovers are happy, not disappointed the “crisis” was a tragic exaggeration.
Climate change is a CO2 death warrent to billions of children; “global warming is the greatest threat to the planet.” –Earth Hour
Yet millions in the global scientific community refuse to join the dozens of climate change protesters and act like its the end of the planet (a threat). All despite the fact that these same people in the global scientific community have condemned their own children to the greenhouse gas ovens. This is proof climate change was exaggerated and exaggerated science trumps consensus science.
REAL planet lovers are overjoyed and happy and glad and thankful the crisis wasn’t real after all.
Most of the US and Canadian rust belt cities have not had a smog day in 6 years, only constant “Alerts” that are predictions, not measurements of pollution. Note: ALL pollution does not stay in the air FOREVER.
Upon settlement, the polar bear was indigenous to as far south as Minnesota but called the yellow bear because it retained its summer coat longer, but still the same bear.
Obama has not mentioned any climate crisis in his last two state of the unions.
Occupywallstreet’s demands do not include climate change…………bank funded and corporate run CARBON TRADING STOCK markets.
Almost all research into climate change is into “effects” not causes.
Science made environmentalism necessary in the first place after poisoning the planet with the pesticides they developed and denied for decades as being toxic.
Exaggerating is not a crime; it’s called the perfect crime.
Every single scientist has a special and unique and personal opinion of climate change and it’s still called scientific consensus?
History shows that today’s climate change crisis believer, is tomorrow’s end of the world freak.

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