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$175k to cheer up Department of Energy and Climate Change staff March 25, 2012

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$175k to cheer up Department of Energy and Climate Change staff

Daily Telegraph
March 24, 2012

THEY are responsible for some of the government’s most important policies – but staff at the Department of Energy and Climate Change are too ashamed to admit where they work.

Staff morale is so low the government has spent almost $175,000 on consultants to lift staff’s flagging spirits.

The department is responsible for carrying out some of the government’s most critical and controversial policies, including those relating to global warming, carbon emission reduction and promoting energy efficiency.

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1. Capt.Mike Hogan - March 25, 2012

Why am I not surprised? They are implementing policies that ensure that the poor of this world particularly in Africa and Asia will continue to die in abject misery. We have just been privileged to see sportsmen and women do amazing things on Sport Relief but at the same time it has given us a glimpse of the horrors perpetuated by lack of infrastructure. The Global Warming cabal will ensure that this continues. The Guardian even admits that Europe will shortly lose an agricultural area equivalent of Ireland to growing biofuel crops! How obscene is that? Every day 35,000 children die in the Horn of Africa and still we have these obscene policies.
i would be ashamed but then I would work there for a fortune.

2. omanuel - March 25, 2012

FEAR and an ill-advised decision to control “nuclear fire” is the root of the climate debate and the demise of society.


Professor Kuroda (1917-2001) provided the training that made it possible for me to grasp: “Neutron Repulsion” is the source of energy at centers of heavy atoms (A > 150 amu), planets, stars, and galaxies that sustains our lives as part of this Great Dynamic Universe – God, Reality, What Is !

Kuroda, the nuclear scientist sent from the Imperial University of Tokyo to investigate the man-made “nuclear fire” that consumed Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, perhaps grasped Reality at that time!

In 1956 he tried to explain that nuclear fires occurred spontaneously on Earth for billions of years, but world leaders and leaders of the scientific community refused to hear.

They were frightened by nuclear fire and sought to control, rather than to admit powerlessness over this force that creates and destroys the chemical elements and powers “The Great Reality” that surrounds and sustains us.

In short, FEAR persuaded them “to play God” themselves.

That is the root of society’s current demise !

Kuroda continued trying to get out the message,


His autobiography is a pleasant way to learn about life at the Imperial University of Tokyo during WWII:


Current leaders of the US scientific community, Ralph Cicerone, John Holdren, Steven Chu, and Lisa Jackson and Charles Bolden – are now trapped with the rest of us, like rats on a sinking ship, because their predecessors were frightened by the “nuclear fire” that consumed Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 and then threatened to destroy the rest of the Earth in the Cuban Missile crisis of late October 1962.

Climategate is coming to a close. May we have the wisdom to work together to undo the damage society suffered and not get sidetracked trying to punish those who led society to its current demise out of fear of the “nuclear fires” over Hiroshima !

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