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Climate experts predict permanent drought could end wine industry in Australia March 10, 2012

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Climate experts predict permanent drought could end wine industry in Australia

News Net 5
March 10, 2012

CLEVELAND – Last night I enjoyed a glass of delicious Australian Shiraz, a 2010 Mollydooker. An outstanding red wine. Big plum flavors with a hint of smoke & anise. In my opinion, the Aussies make some of the best Shiraz in the world. Perhaps it’s because of the often warm, very dry climate where these grapes grow. They are places called Barossa, Adelaide, & Coonawarra… perfect for growing grapes that make outstanding wines. Of course, all plants, including grape vines need water.  But the less water grape vines have during the summer and fall, the more flavorful the grape. The algorithm goes like this: Dryer weather = less water in the berry + more sugar and intense flavors = great wines in my glass.

But, imagine my chagrin when I read today about the impending doom of the Australian Wine Industry due to Man-Made Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Chaos. Here’s what they said in the Prague Post this week:
“Predictions are that if temperatures rise another 2 C, growing vines will become untenable in many of the world’s more renowned wine regions by 2050. One such case is Australia, whose vineyard area could disappear entirely… in such an event, water, not wine would become the overriding priority.”

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Note: Make sure to click on the above link to read the rest of this excellent article. Special mention is made of Australian tax-payer funded climate experts such as Tim Flannery, Ross Garnaut and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and that of their predictions of permanent drought, due to man made global warming. And now, a few years later, those predictions are washed out when the worst flooding in centuries has befallen Australia.

Climate realist Professor Stewart Franks of the University of Newcastle also gets a mention. Once you’ve read the above article, be sure to read the article below:

Is it time to listen to so-called “deniers”?

The Land
January 20, 2011

PROFESSOR Stewart Franks, a hydrologist at NSW’s University of Newcastle, warned in a peer-reviewed scientific article published in 2006 that the risk of serious flooding in southern Queensland and NSW increases significantly when a negative phase of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation corresponds with a La Nina event.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology, given these same conditions, forecast average rainfall last spring!

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1. Global Warming Colding Whatever - March 11, 2012

Tim Flannery definately needs a new day job. He’s made a complete a$$ of himself predicting australia’s dams would never be full again.

2. bushbunny - March 12, 2012

Well the wine industries in Australia are spread out all over the country and some have suffered from floods not droughts. On the northern tablelands where we have cold weather grapes, even the UNE invented electrified fencing to help vines cope with late frosts.

Horses for courses folks. And Tim Flannery is a palaeotologist
i.e., expert in prehistoric animal fossils. He is becoming one himself.
No wonder, his home on the Hawkesbury River, can only gain access by boat, and the area flooded recently. Must be embarrassed. But laughing all the way to the bank.

3. bushbunny - March 12, 2012

I think the name now given for heavy rain is a ‘Flannery’ we are experiencing a Flannery at the moment? LOL. But I bet you this winter will be cold and dry. Maybe the Monsoon area has shifted down south from the Top End. And as we all know, the Top End has either a lot of rain or nothing at all for months. We’ll see but the dams are full and overflowing, with fresh water being always a precious commodity in all parts of Australia.

4. FudgedFlanneryFacts - April 21, 2012

Such a fool and he continues to afirm his position as climate change clown. As always you should follow the money to see whats behind any agenda. Global warming relabeled Climate Change ensures their continued struggle against the facts. Tim its time to dry up!

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