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Weather forecasting is obviously not Professor Tim Flannery’s forte March 1, 2012

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Weather forecasting is obviously not Professor Tim Flannery’s forte

Daily Telegraph
March 01, 2012

METEOROLOGISTS suggested Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery leave weather forecasting to them as the big wet defies his prediction rain would become scarce.

In 2007 Professor Flannery said Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane were in urgent need of desalination plants.

Four years on, Warragamba Dam is on the verge of overflowing and Brisbane last year endured the worst flooding in almost four decades.

After yesterday discovering Professor Flannery is not a meteorologist, the Weather Channel’s meteorologists said it was probably best he left the forecasting to them.

Dam buster as Warragamba is full

“People ideally suited to that are meteorologists. From what I can see on Tim Flannery, meteorology wasn’t one of his specialties,” Weather Channel’s Dick Whitaker said.

A commission spokeswoman yesterday said Professor Flannery was in Germany, but said droughts were expected to become more frequent and “just because it is raining does not mean we should not think ahead and prepare for a drier future.”

Professor Flannery’s statements in 2007 came “in the midst of a record-breaking drought with dam levels perilously low,” she said.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Below, Tim Flannery February 2007 Landline Interview


1. robert - March 1, 2012

Do the words cognitive dissonance ring some bells here for Prof Flannery and his spokeswoman.
Someone please explain where this people are coming from.

2. Rob - March 1, 2012

BS enviro scientists are financially ruining Australia, just ask the poor citizens of Melbourne / Vic how they feel about their projected $28,000,000,000 desal plant that is likely to be mothballed, because one year after declaring rain was something children would never see again, it rained.

False alarm from climate scientists are destroying economies worldwide. Economies cannot financially respond to all the chicken little scientists projected catastrophies, they are already half way to bankruptcy wasting money trying to protect against GIGO climate computer models that are in no way reflected in the real world.

3. Sundance (@0Sundance) - March 1, 2012

You have a population that whosw idealism far exceeds its pragmatism. When you reward failure in government to perpetuate dreams it never ends well.

4. Anthony Grace - March 1, 2012

“Someone please explain where these people are coming from”, basically there are two sources, the ALP & The Greens :).

5. Oliver K. Manuel - March 1, 2012

You are right, Rob.

World leaders, leaders of the scientific community, and leaders of the news media apparently adopted social engineering during the Cold War to unite nations against a common enemy, Global Climate Change, and avoid the threat of mutual nuclear destruction by converting the entire world population into one single peace-loving, community guided by consensus post-modern science and politically-correct attitudes.

Click to access Climategate_Roots.pdf

Earth’s climate has always changed and life has continued to evolve because Earth’s heat source – the Sun – has itself evolved. The early Earth was violent [1]; the wavelength of light coming from the Sun changed over time [2]. The appearance and evolution of life is powered by the change of neutrons into atoms of chemical elements [3] as the universe expands and fills interstellar space with waste products (mostly H and He).

The process is driven by a nuclear force, neutron repulsion [4], that world leaders have tried to hide because this is also the force that powers the self-sustaining, nuclear chain reaction in atomic bombs and nuclear reactors.

1. “The Oklo Phenomenon”, Naturwissenschaften 70, 536-539 (1983)
http://www.springerlink.com/content/n556224311414604/ or

“The Origin of the Chemical Elements and the Oklo Phenomenon”, Springer (1982)

2. “Origin and Evolution of Life”, Journal of Modern Physics 2, 587-594 (2011)

Click to access JMP20112600007_31445079.pdf

3. “Is the Universe Expanding?”, The Journal of Cosmology 13, 4187-4190 (2011) http://journalofcosmology.com/BigBang102.html

4. “Neutron repulsion”, The APEIRON Journal, in press (2012)

Click to access 1102.1499.pdf

6. bushbunny - March 2, 2012

Archaeology of the landscape does record humans do have an impact, not always beneficial to our environment or ever increasing populations all concentrated mostly in city areas. Congestion, just look at Bangkock. Electricity is the life blood of all developed nations, and the worst thing they have done is introduce expensive wind farms, solar and some believe nuclear. What annoys me so much, is the billions spent on these spurious reports pertaining to climate change and associated findings, without any scientific basis.
Tim Flannery is a basically a professor of ancient bones. But his thesis’ seem to change all the time. He picked up the megafauna demise being the fault of human hunting. Before he wrote it was because of climate or environmental changes. Academics must publish or be doomed to dusty rooms on the world stage.

7. R.O.H.Van der Hope. - March 3, 2012

POLLUTION is the problem. Climate we can handle. We always have – hence we are still here.

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