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Sad Settled Science February 22, 2012

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Sad Settled Science

February 22, 2012

The big news this week is of course about a Scientist (who coined the phrase “the debate is over“), who has a Phd, who chaired a Task Force on Ethics and who leaked documents of a private institution.

Own Goal mate

A sad, sad day for Science

The science is rattled and sad



1. cb - February 22, 2012

Not just leaked – which will likely have a long term effect of reducing their anonymous-donor-driven revenue-stream, but also created a fake – with the obvious intention to defame.

This was not only legally-criminal, it was malicious. Gleick intended to destroy Heartland, or at least to severely damage its ability to operate.

2. Oliver K. Manuel - February 22, 2012

Scientists are like rats in a maze, trying to decipher the motives of politicians distributing our food (grant funds, tenure and awards).

The actions of Dr. Peter Gleick is another intriguing piece of this historical puzzle (1952-2012) for us rats to analyze the situation.

His membership in NAS (probably the Geophysics Division) and AGU are qualities shared with other anti-science actions dating back to the Cold War when the entire globe was divided between:

a.) Democratic, God-fearing, Capitalists (our side)
b.) Tyrannical, Atheistic, Communists (their side)

I will complete the report after my 8:30 am appointment

3. Oliver K. Manuel - February 22, 2012

To understand why AGW supporters still have all the political power while AGW skeptics have the better science, we must identify what political leaders want from climatologists today.

AGU and the Geophysics Section of the US National Academy of Sciences have a long history of acting on behalf of politicians. Their motives, like the actions of bureaucrats, are usually remarkably simple: E.g., to survive and remain in control (power).

Recent actions of Dr. Peter Gleick illustrate this beautifully.

I tentatively concluded in 2011 that deep roots of the global climate scandal (1971-2011) grew out of fear in political leaders of mutual nuclear annihilation and a 1971 decision between Henry Kissinger and leaders of the Communist nations to adopt “global climate change” as the “common enemy” to unite nations under a one-world government where world leaders could live safely.

Click to access Climategate_Roots.pdf

During the Cold War it would have been useful for political leaders to know, for example, prevailing winds generally move from West to East in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus well-informed political leaders on both sides likely planned to drop nuclear weapons on Western parts of the USSR or USA and let prevailing winds carry fall-out radiation eastward over the rest of the opposing nation.

The world was slightly different when I was a child during World War II. The globe was then divided between:

c.) Democratic, Freedom-loving Allies (our side)
d.) Tyrannical, Lock-stepping Fascists (their side)

Then political leaders of Japan used climatology and natural wind currents to carry balloons loaded with fire bombs (FuGo bombs) to Western parts of the United States and Canada.


I had the good fortune to start graduate research with Professor Paul K. Kuroda in 1960, a very talented scientist who had been Professor Kazuo Kuroda of the Imperial University of Tokyo during World War II (while I was a child drawing ugly pictures of hated Nazis at school). Here is his autobiography of that period:

Click to access PKKAutobiography.pdf

Kuroda turned out to be the most humanistic person I knew, but he was the nuclear specialist sent to Hiroshima to decipher the nuclear weapon that vaporized that city on August 6, 1945.

The US Military moved Kuroda to this country after WWII, and a priest gave him the Christian name “Paul” on the ride across the ocean.

But politicians probably did not want the public to know how close Japan came to developing the first A-bomb and winning WWII.

One of Kuroda’s former students was at the AGU meeting in April 1956 where Kuroda first reported that self-sustaining nuclear fission occurred naturally when uranium ores formed in Earth’s early history [The U-235/U-238 ratio was much higher then].

The session chairman, a member of the Geophysics Division of NAS, publicly scolded Kuroda for reporting calculations that Fermi had examined and found impossible. Kuroda’s paper was rejected for publication.

Kuroda’s paper was rejected for publication. He published the information later as two, single page articles in the Journal of Chemical Physics 25 (1956) pages 781 and 1295.

His calculation was confirmed on 25 Sept 1972 when the French Atomic Energy Commission reported a natural nuclear reactor had occurred at Oklo in the Republic of Gabon, Africa.

Another former student of Dr. Kuroda, Dr. Larry A. Burchfield, published a book, “Nuclear Fear – The Godzilla of All Fears” that shows why politicians sometimes seek to distort information.

Click to access 0471793337.pdf

4. Glenn Tamblyn - February 23, 2012

Hello Oliver.

Do you still think the Sun has an Iron Core? In fact, do you still think there is a Neutron star at the Heart of the Sun? In which case, why hasn’t the rest of the Sun collapsed into that Neutronn Star core over the last 4.5 billion years.

Interesting comments:
a.) Democratic, God-fearing, Capitalists (our side)
b.) Tyrannical, Atheistic, Communists (their side)
Where does that leave Democratic Atheists?
God-Fearing, Tyrannical Capitists?
Tyrannical God-Fearing Communists?

I am sure John is pleased to have a scientific colleague of your stature (and impartial rigour, God-fearing, Atheistic,Capitalists aside) on his side.

5. Glenn Tamblyn - February 23, 2012


Are you interested in continuing our conversation from The Conversation?

6. honestclimate - February 23, 2012


Who is John?

7. Glenn Tamblyn - February 23, 2012

John Nicol

8. Green - February 25, 2012

He did it for our children and grandchildren

9. Fakegate affair: Let’s blame it on “the heat of the moment” « An Honest Climate Debate - February 25, 2012

[…] below extract is from the Scientific American regarding the Peter Gleick Fakegate affair How should scientists respond to this incident? The proper response to misinformation is […]

10. omanuel - March 15, 2012


The first issue is global climate, not religion or economics.

The next issue is FEAR, not religion, science or economics.

Historically, I was as left-leaning, atheistic, anti-capitalism as anyone.

The actions of Dr. Peter Gleick (Member of NAS and AGU) this year reminded me of actions by members of AGU and NAS fifty-six years and thirty-six years earlier at the 1956 and 1976 National Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in Washington, DC.

Here’s the rest of the story: http://omanuel.wordpress.com/about/

Henry KIssinger is perhaps the only one still living who might confirm or deny if FEAR of the nuclear energy that vaporized Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 compelled world leaders to Unite Nations against Global Climate Change!

11. Joseph A Olson - March 15, 2012

We have been systematically lied to about science and history for over a centruy. The climate science lie has over-reached Physics and is currently the most visible and the most vulnerable to correction. But science is not the only area of government funded and controlled lying. Much of the WW II Pacific Theater war records were declared national security and classified for fifty years. This allowed the worlds banking elite to cover their tracks on the set-up of Japan & Germany for the war. In additon, the elites could better shape the post war Faux Reality based on Faux History. You must read “Overthrowing the Kit and Kaboodle” for a intro into the suppressed Pacific history. Then read “Fractional Reserve Banking Begat Faux Reality” on the monetary fraud that created every twentith century horror. Faux “Climate” Science is just ONE of the many government funded science lies. Climate science was created to provide a credit default swap excuse for a FORCED Carbon Commodity Market. Find and share Truth.

12. omanuel - March 15, 2012

You are right, Joe.

Dr. Peter Gleick deserves a medal for reminding us of the AGU/NAS alliance that has been working to replace observational science with models of reality since 1956.

Thanks again for assistance, Peter!

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