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Greens go mad: Stopping coal to China will stop Somalis starving August 8, 2011

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Greens go mad: Stopping coal to China will stop Somalis starving

Andrew Bolt Blog, 8 August 2011

Droughts in Africa are not new, but they are devastating in a failed state destroyed by war and an Islamist uprising. As the founders of Free the Children put it:

Somalia is different; it’s a failed state, so drought pushed an already desperate people across borders for refuge… Islamic militants hostile to Western-backed aid agencies made long-term development in the fractious country impossible

Drought is not new to East Africa. The response this time is reminiscent of past emergency aid operations that provided short-term relief, but halted prior to addressing systemic change. We need more than food drops to stop famine. We need boreholes, irrigation, agricultural capacity-building, water-catchment systems, permanent schools, sanitation, and policy research…to start.

But Greens Senator Lee Rhianon thinks the way to stop starvation in Somalia is to stop Australian coal exports to China:

Federal Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon today congratulated Rising Tide activists who scaled a coal conveyor belt at the Port of Newcastle to highlight the link between coal, climate change and famine in Somalia…

“Ship after ship leaving Newcastle Port, heaped with coal, is contributing to the greatest threat we face in human history.

Stopping the expansion of Newcastle Port and NSW’s coal industry is essential if we are to ward off similar human tragedies such as that being experienced by Somalians today,” Senator Rhiannon said.

I’m struggling: is Rhianon’s ignorance worse than her opportunism? Or is her endorsement of law-breaking more sinister than either?


1. Oliver K. Manuel - August 8, 2011

AGW propaganda is based on this foolish conclusion made at the Bilderberg on 17-21 April 1967:

The Sun “is homogeneous and in hydrostatic equilibrium.”

O. Gingerich and C. De Jager, Solar Physics 3, 5-25 (1968):

That foolishness is a fundamental assumption of all AGW propaganda.

Every solar cycle, solar flare, and solar eruption falsifies Bilderberg’s SSM and AGW. Earth’s heat source is obviously not constant, but Al Gore, the UN (Big Brother), and associates still pretend that their propaganda is “scientific.”

Bilderberg’s part in Climategate is explained here:

Click to access 20110722_Climategate_Roots.pdf

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

2. a.batty - August 8, 2011

Absolutely,what the drought affected areas NEED is an army of agriculturists,irrigation engineers ,dam builders etc.
Notice the UN and foppish western governments do nothing about the Islamic ruin of these countries.
Islam is the drought.

3. Oliver K. Manuel - August 8, 2011

Our greatest threat today seems to be a tyrannical one-world government that controls the public by controlling the information that they receive – news, science, entertainment.

I.e., The government George Orwell described in “1984”


4. bushbunny - August 9, 2011

The famines around the world are usually caused by civil unrest and disruption of self sustaining farmers who flee terrorist activities or their little farms destroyed in the consequence. Most of those suffering starvation in Somalia is from the refusal for food agencies to deliver food to stricken people.

The corruption of the AGW alarmist campaign is getting ridiculous.
And the present Australian government that is in charge with the help of the Greens is heading for catastrophe. A convoy (thousands of trucks and MV) is converging on Canberra on 21st August, coming from all parts of Australia and the Greens don’t like it. The same mad woman suggested stopping anti-climate change skeptics
or journalists being silenced (after the Murdoch empire are under scrutiny for phone hacking). If that isn’t a red rag to a bull as far as the media in Australia is concerned I don’t know what else is.

For more info on the convoy of no confidence please refer to Joanne
Nova’s site. The Green’s are mad actually. They are right wing
pro a World Government, a Sen.Brown is somewhat a fazed individual whose head is in the clouds.

The world is going mad. Riots in London, the middle east, now the
down turn in the global economy with the USA down graded to a AA
rating. And this climate change madness on top of this?

Only God can help us, and I’m not that religious. Just Google
‘Julia why did you lie to us? Adam Brandt answers. He’s the one
Green rep in our Lower house or House of Representatives.

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