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Why did you lie to us Julia? July 14, 2011

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Why did you lie to us Julia?

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1. bushbunny - July 14, 2011

Well she is lying again, as far as I know that during the tally room
relay last August, Sen.Penny Wong was asked if labor’s poor showing was because they dropped the ETS scheme. She replied,
‘No it was because the planet is cooling…” They soon change their mind when a hung parliament was the result and they wanted support to carry on. She did say there was no carbon tax while she had a term in government. Now would the independents have sided with her if she had said the opposite? There was no alternative then, if we had held another election then we may still have had the same result and left the Australian Commonwealth with no government for months. But I am disappointed with Tony Windsor he has said things that he hasn’t supported and his electorate are a bit mazed. He said he would not support a carbon tax if it did nothing. Well it won’t be doing anything to cut carbon emissions but he still voted for it.

2. Oliver K. Manuel - July 14, 2011

Please allow me to try to answer for Julia and hundreds of other politicians (conservative/liberal, left/right, Republican/Democratic) who used scientific misinformation for a noble cause since 1972:

The nuclear bomb that vaporized Hiroshima in 1945 and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 convinced us leaders that all life, including our own, would be destroyed if we didn’t find a way to unite nations and end nationalism.

Henry Kissinger (who had served as a consultant to the Director of the U. S. A. Psychological Strategy Board in 1952) took President Richard M. Nixon to China in 1972 to find a way to end the nuclear race by identifying a “common enemy” that would unite all nations.

Global climate change was the “common enemy” agreed on. See the 1974 scare story in Time Magazine, “Another Ice Age.”


That did not sell well, and leaders of the other side would not “tear down the wall” – the wall that separated East and West Berlin – until we agreed on a common enemy that would also level the economic playing field, AGW or “Industrial CO2-Induced Global Warming.”

Former movie actor and later President Ronald Reagan delivered his speech well at the base of the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987: “”Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Although not a fortune-teller, East Germany opened the Berlin Wall on 9 Nov 1989. Reagan took a few symbolic hammer swings at the remains of the Berlin Wall in Sept 1990, amid talk of an evil empire and praise from politicians world-wide (NY Times, 16 Sept 1990):


After all that great political PR and almost unanimous “scientific” evidence from the UN’s IPCC of “Industrial CO2-Induced Global Warming,” it would be political suicide to betray the alliance that helped me get into office in the first place.

Now please ask NASA scientists to destroy the new video that undercuts any credibility in the Standard Solar Model (SSM) of a Hydrogen-filled Sun:


Government scientists are paid to help politicians carry the message of “Industrial CO2-Induced Global Warming.”

Otherwise, we may not be able to unite nations, end the threat of mutual nuclear annihilation and establish a cozy, caring one-world government.

3. bushbunny - July 15, 2011

That’s an interesting view point but I don’t think that is universal thinking, not the Chinese for one. They are pushing out industrial
pollution like it was worth gold. And China, Canada and the USA are not renewing their Kyoto agreement in 2012. So I think the Global
Warming idea is fall flat on itself with carbon trading taking a bashing
and losing investors. With the financial situation facing everywhere
in the EU UK and USA I think people are have second thoughts and
switching to the global ice age ideology. Well that’s more likely anyway. However, Bob Carter who sponsored the Great Global Warming Swindle (available on U Tube takes an hour to play and is very good) when we do cool, I wouldn’t be in Al Gore’s and the scientist’s shoes who have contributed to this fraud. But they will get out of it. And rush to the bank with all their billions.

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