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Fewer Americans worry about climate change: poll March 15, 2011

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Fewer Americans worry about climate change: poll

Yahoo News
14 March 2011

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The number of Americans who are worried about global warming has fallen to nearly the historic low reached in 1998, a poll released Monday showed.

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1. Oliver K. Manuel - March 15, 2011

It is encouraging that the battle to use government science as a tool of government propaganda is not succeeding on one front.

Official misinformation continues to flourish, however, regarding the origin, composition and source of energy for Earth’s heat source and its influence on Earth’s climate [“Neutron Repulsion”, The APEIRON Journal, in press (2011) 19 pages]:


As someone commented yesterday on the Climate Skeptics forum:

“There is definitely something going on, but why, especially the why,
and who are the questions.

It is not in their own interests for “capitalists” to destroy markets. How are they going to get rich if there are no products to sell or people can’t afford to buy them anyway?”

Perhaps another culprit is involved. Subversion of the Western scientific community looks remarkably like the handiwork that Russian KGB defector (Yuri Bezmenov) described of the Russian KGB in several videos.

Someone named Fred Berple first brought this to my attention on Professor Curry’s discussion about the climate scandal:


With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

2. Facts only - March 15, 2011

In contrast to IPCC you will find some well documented facts on the so called global warming below.

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