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Carbon dioxide tax – the People’s Revolt February 27, 2011

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Carbon dioxide tax – the People’s Revolt

By Professor Bob Carter
Quadrant Online, 24 February 2011

It is difficult to decide whether to be more astonished by the scientific ignorance or the political stupidity inherent in today’s announcement by the Prime Minister and her Multi-party Climate Change Committee (MCCC) that a tax on carbon dioxide emissions will be introduced on July 1st, 2012.

The ignorance is displayed in the continual reference to a “carbon” tax in a situation where carbon (as opposed to carbon dioxide) has nothing to do with the issue at hand; plus the continual reference to “pollution”, when carbon dioxide is actually an environmentally beneficial trace gas.

The political stupidity is manifest in the reality that the great majority of the Australian public – being fed up to the back teeth with continual and naked lobby group and government propagandizing on the issue – have long ago decided that dangerous global warming is a scam. For example, a recent online poll in The Age resulted in 89% of the respondents answering NO to the question “Would you support a climate tax” (that question, of course, being code for “Would you support a tax on carbon dioxide emissions”).

On top of which there is the minor discrepancy that two of the world’s largest emitters (India and USA) have both indicated this year that they will no longer base their climate policy on advice from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Yet that selfsame flawed and partial advice is the sole justification for the multi-party committee’s intended course of action.

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1. Oliver K. Manuel - February 27, 2011

As former President Eisenhower warned might happen one day, the basic principles of science have been compromised and a “scientific-technological elite” is now in control:

2. Bush bunny - February 27, 2011

Bob Brown (Leader of the Greens political party) and Senator in the Federal Upper House, announced
that all the floods and cyclones recently experienced by Qld and Northern NSW, were caused by
75 years of carbon emissions? This subject of a carbon tax is one big lie. Pollution is a problem in big cities not about climate change or altering the weather. This is the biggest con ever served to Australians, and we will become a laughing stock of the world if implemented.

I think the ALP Government need to go back to the polls. I bet the Independents don’t wish to though
if this occurs. Nor do the Greens. Although the senate won’t change or it might I am not sure.

Or the ALP may have a change of leadership? Who knows.

3. Michael Dimech - February 27, 2011

I am disgraced at the Australian federal labour party (now criminal labour party in my mind) for the introduction of yet another tax, the
Criminal carbon tax. After promises that there will be no carbon tax under the Gillard Gov. we now have been told there will be this tax even when scientific evidence does not conclude that climate change is due to human activities. In addition to this lie, first it was global warming, now climate change, and in fact again scientific evidence has been manipulated so much one can only wonder there real intention.
I’m also concerned that the labour party being what they are will attempt to “brainwash” our children into believing this B/S. I can only
Wonder what the real intention of this labour party is.
Is that all the labour party know what to do, dream up new taxes without the faintest idea how to manage the economy. This coupled with
Blatant lies, its obvious the labour party’s only intent is to win elections at any cost (even if it costs the taxpayers dearly).
I can only hope that the Australian people will revolt against this labour party. Who are now showing their true colours, conclusion –
Communism. I have for many years’s referred the labour party as communist, and finally im hearing more and more people say the same. It’s about time the people woke up to these realities.
Then there is the massive debt, compounded by a antiquated 43 billion dollar broadband network, the uncontrolled spending of tax payers
Monies, the Boat people issues, in fact I can’t think of anything the labour party has done to benefit the Australian people except put us
into so much debt it will take many years AND HIGHER TAXES to pay off.
If there was any sense of morality, or honesty this federal labour party should step down in disgust, or take the people to a immediate
As a Christian i was brought up to be truthful, honest, the total opposite this Gillard gov. represents. Why should people have any sense of
Morality, or honesty when there leaders don’t.
I can only hope the future of this country is in fact better then the direction we seem to be heading. Eitherway its up to the people to decide, and I hope they make the correct decision next federal election.
Mike D

4. Bush bunny - February 27, 2011

I have been for 11 years a supporter of Tony Windsor Independent for the New England electorate. I wrote to him today, if he voted for the ALP and Greens legislation to introduce a carbon tax, (even though it included exclusion for agriculture), I would regrettably no longer support him.

I have tears in my eyes now stating this, as Tony is a good representative for the New England electorate and great administrator in regards constituent’s complaints, etc. But he is now stood in a constitutional hiatus. The ALP and PM
stated that they would not introduce a carbon tax during their next term! Well they got in by a whisker and rightfully so Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott supported them in forming a so called stable government. This was the right decision at the time. But times are a changing, so to speak. I feel the Opposition are now justified in calling another election. Specifically re the carbon tax, and the NBN in my opinion useless optic fibre 43 billion expenditure.

I have informed Mr Windsor, should he vote in favor of an ambiguous carbon tax, I will no longer support him politically in the next election.

5. Gillard Must Go - February 27, 2011

Listen to “No ‘Carbon’ Tax” by Gillard the Liar: http://tinyurl.com/4fawwgn

6. Bush bunny - February 27, 2011

Thank you Prof.Emmanuel. I am a bit tired right now to view the series you advocated, but I can assure you I will tomorrow take time to avail myself of them.

Kind regards to all on this website,

Bush bunny from Australia.

7. Bush bunny - February 27, 2011

Thank you Prof.Emmanuel. I am a bit tired right now to view the series you advocated, but I can assure you I will tomorrow take time to avail myself of them.

8. Justen - March 5, 2011

Fossil fuels are the main cause of excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere

In 2008/2009 Australia extracted 487 Million tones of Coal, A large proportion of this was mined in Queensland. This amount of coal burnt equates to approximately 1500 million tones of CO2 of carbon dioxide that otherwise would have been trapped underground and would not be released to overload today’s atmosphere.

Would this excess CO2 be GOOD for our otherwise balanced atmosphere?

Why doesn’t Laurie Oaks interview Tony Abott, and ask if he believes if there is an excess of CO2 in our atmosphere today because of the use of fossil fuels. (global warming). And if he does, what does he propose to do about it.

What will it take to acknowledge the issues and make the necessary changes?

9. climax - March 6, 2011

@justen, what is a ‘balanced atmosphere’? and where is your peer reviewed scientific proof that co2 IS a pollutant? and tell me, how is co2 measured in the atmosphere? do you even know how many ppm of co2 is currently at stratospheric levels? do you believe in santa too?

laurie oakes is a labor zealot, which makes his journalism illogical, offensive and biased. too many times he has shown to be overly emotional regarding the alp, therefore he neuters his own dialogue.

ffs, the ipcc are globally funded by governments, hello, does that not indicate anything at all to you? of all the scientists around the globe that prove scientifically that agw is a farce, you still believe 3 men and a computer model, you really should look up climategate. and while your at it, try some physics 101 to educate yourself about co2.

bringing up abbott is just as desperate as the rest of the labor party in trying to make us all look away whilst they find a rock to hide under…

10. Bush bunny - March 6, 2011

I am no scientist, but CO2 is a gas, the polluting part of fossil fuels is heavy particles. CO2 is
given off by plants, humans, the soil (holds 60%
of the worlds carbon) cutting out the fossil fuels
will in effect make our lower atmosphere healthier for humans to breed. And not create SMOGS, that I lived through in London during the 1950s that killed 6,000 people. Possibly more were effected
for years after. Making London a smoke free zone
cleared London of the filth coal leaves behind.

The burnt coke and coal lite instead. Well I don’t see any smoking chimneys in Sydney.

Get real Justin, it will be fuel next, then animals
(methane) and the poor will be poor! While some rich investor like Turnbull will be reaping in rewards overseas at the IPCC and Goldman Sachs.

11. Bush bunny - March 6, 2011

I meant breathe not breed! LOL

12. Justen - March 7, 2011

Thanks Climax
Yes, it is hard not to get “overly emotional”.
I believe in a lot of things.
I do believe in logic
Logic tells me that our consumeristic and wasteful way of life is not sustainable and puts a constant strain on our environment.
We all (not just humans) rely on our environment which includes our atmosphere to live.
I don’t believe that we shold continue to live our lives without regard for our abundant waste and the destruction this causes.
Current atmospheric Co2 is measured at 391ppm. This was under 320ppm in 1960.
Co2 is required in our atmosphere.
Do you believe the 40% increase since the industrial revolution is GOOD for our atmosphere?

13. Justen - March 8, 2011

Sorry Bush bunny, I didn’t see your response until today.
I do understand your concern for a future tax on agriculture (animals, methane)and the wealth divide.
However as i have said previously, since the industrial revolution our way of life and waste products have a greater affect on our environment.
Surely (trapped) Co2 released from the burning of fossil fuels is not good for our atmosphere today?
And if that is true, shouldn’t governments and us have a responsibility to do something about it?

14. climax - March 10, 2011

Oh no 40% increase since the industrial revolution! Then why has the earth been cooling for the last 30 years? hence the IPCC’s change of its sell tag from global warming to climate change. So how do you account for the 1200ppm of CO2 during the previous global glaciation(little ice age)? It is NOT CO2 causing climate changes, it is the natural variation of the earths cycle. To accept agw is the same as having faith in the politician. to question agw is a reasonable position given the amount of information that falsifies not just one part of it, but all. Go see for yourself – http://www.eastangliaemails.com/

Yes, mankind does need to be more sustainable, and stop mining so many resources. But, the population is growing, so mining is growing to meet demand. Our govt makes 42 cents to the dollar from coal mining, i don’t see them giving that up anytime soon…direct your vitriol at the govt. Not the deniers. We want the same as everyone else. A healthy planet and no bullshit.

15. Justen - March 13, 2011

Good to hear we do agree on sustainability Climax.
And hopefully we agree that with a growing population that is consuming more per person, we do have a greater impact on our environment.
Considering both of these important factors, should we be attempting to make a change to our current trends? (Such as the trend of increased CO2 and the increased use of fossil fuels).
The science may not be conclusive about the relationship of CO2 and a changing climate, but as I have consistently written, along with other negative impacts we have thrust on our environment, would the excess CO2 from the use of fossil fuels be GOOD for our atmosphere?
I also agree with you, our government has to act and introduce policy to address these issues and I will be directing my energy towards them. But your vote (and anyone else reading this) is important too.

• An Emission Trading Scheme and tax on fossil fuels, would encourage energy and other CO2 producing companies to become inventive, re-engineer and adapt to become less reliant on fossil fuels.

• With consistent policy and leadership, Australian companies will adapt and find ways to profit.

Considering how reliant the world is on non-renewable resources that won’t be around in the next 50 years. We require policies introduced now, to encourage Australian companies to adapt and become less reliant on (now) cheap fossil fuel and be in profitable positions for our children and grandchildren.

You may not believe in climate change, but look at the bigger picture. If this “carbon tax” is not passed now, how long will it be before our government will “stick their necks out” again to introduce a policy that directs current finances towards sustainability in the future?

16. Bush bunny - March 13, 2011

Justin just listen to PM Gillard…”If we place a tax on something, people won’t use as much” (PEOPLE not industry!) somehow that doesn’t sound right to me, and is illogical. The biggest polluter as the government and greens is now pursueing a different slant. Is motor cars, trucks etc. First it was Greenhouse gases, then that didn’t work, then global warming, disaster awaits us,(fine and tax the developed countries!) climate change now it is pollution. These people are idiots and ignorant, and they are leading us so they can get a big pat on the back by the IPCC and a seat on the security council. Rudd is almost as bad, ‘demanding’ the Japanese let us know the true situation with their nuclear reactors. And those poor people have just been devastated by this earthquake and tsunami.

PM was embarrassing in the USA.She was out of her league in the US of A. Did you see the frowns on the Congressmen/womens faces. Yeah, mine too mates. Mentioning carbon emissions that the USA, China and also some European countries have given away as not feasible or won’t do anything to cool the climate that is cooling all on its own. Brown’s statement about fossil fuels causing the Qld’s cyclones and flooding was disgusting. I suppose he will be blaming the Japanese earthquake on it too!

17. climax - March 14, 2011

Justen, CO2 cannot ‘trap’ heat. This suggestion violates the second law of thermodynamics. As does the suggestion that we live in a closed system. My god, if the ‘greenhouse effect’ actually trapped heat we would be fried as under this theory, radiation from the sun would continue to hit the earths surface and emit heat, becoming trapped in the greenhouse the temp at the surface would rise and eventually cook us. Not to mention this so called trapping effect also suggests that the atmosphere would retain its heat at night, which does not happen. IF the amount of radiation the earth receives is not radiated back to space, then that also violates the first law of thermophysics. Thermal equilibrium is achieved by the continual transfer of heat from one molecule to the next. Heat flow is always transferred from hot to cool (without the input of work), not the reverse.

18. Bush bunny - April 1, 2011

Water vapour accounts for 95% of Greenhouse gases,
Justin. That’s why desert ground temperatures soar
during the day, and fall dramatically during the night. Sometime to minus C. No clouds to trap the warmth. Also clouds help keep us cooler in summer.
As water vapour evaporates from the oceans, that’s why more clouds and precipitation are known closer to the seas than further inland. So I suggest that carbon tax in all its forms won’t do a thing to help cool the planet or pollution in highly populated areas.

And the dopy Ganaught has ideas now to farm
kangaroos rather than other ruminants, so we cut
the methane too. Doesn’t he know that kangaroos
can’t be farmed as they aren’t domesticated! They jump fences too, doesn’t he know!

95% water vapour (Clouds and humidity)Naturally produced
4% Co2 (80% of this naturally produced!)
1% Trace gases like methane and nitrous oxide.

I apologise for not answering sooner, been cut off
internet since 27th February, until yesterday. With 355 emails to answer.

19. Bush bunny - April 1, 2011

And kangaroo meat is dreadful. You have to sous it with garlic, wine and herbs to get it to taste nice.

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