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Gore’s Unending Blizzard Of Lies February 4, 2011

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Gore’s Unending Blizzard Of Lies

Investor’s Business Daily, February 3, 2011

Hoaxes: As the nation digs itself out, the grand wizard of global warming comes out of hiding and blames it all on that SUV stuck in your driveway. A blizzard is a terrible thing to waste.

What has been dubbed the Groundhog Day Blizzard has caused Al Gore to poke his head out of his massive carbon-generating mansion in Nashville, Tenn., to blame the 2,000-mile storm on our alleged obsession with fossil fuels.

Sorry, Al, but in Chicago the solar panels were buried under upward of two feet of snow as citizens cranked up those polluting snow blowers, a scene repeated in much of the country. In the middle of blowing snow, blowing smoke does not help. Get our drift?

Fox News icon Bill O’Reilly recently asked rhetorically, “Why has southern New York turned into the tundra?” He said he’d left a message for Gore. Gore replied on his blog Tuesday that “scientists have been warning for at least two decades that global warming could make snowstorms more severe” and that what we are shoveling is a result of “increased evaporation meeting the cold air of winter.”

Gore has been relatively quiet in recent months as the hot air of his theories met the cold logic of observable fact. Earth has demonstrably cooled in the past decade as the sun and its solar cycle grew quiet.

The ClimateGate scandal was a direct result of scientists — and we use the term loosely — at Britain’s Climate Research Unit and others, such as Michael Mann, conspiring to manipulate data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures.

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1. Bush bunny - February 5, 2011

Well folks, I think if it was the 19th Century, they would tar and feather Al Gore. But look, there are people who believe this Earth or planet was created 6000 years ago, and all this is just the ‘Devil’s’ signature to suggest otherwise?

American’s are naive, sorry but they are, and when
electricity prices are soaring or blowing out, they will blame it on AGW.

Personally, I think Al Gore and the IPCC should be
commended for the biggest rort in history, and should be honored with the biggest raspberry this earth can create. And all those who have received
billions to prove AGW effects our weather, should be charged with fraud and to return their grants.

2. Oliver K. Manuel - February 6, 2011

Several decades of hiding and manipulating experimental data occurred before distortions of climate data were exposed in the Climategate affair.

The public was given misinformation about:

a.) The Sun’s origin,
b.) The Sun’s composition,
c.) The Sun’s source of energy, and then
d.) The Sun’s influence on Earth’s climate

The experimental basis for a.), b.) and c.) are reviewed in a new manuscript, “Neutron Repulsion” [The APEIRON Journal, 19 pp, in press (2011)]: http://db.tt/9SrfTiZ or http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10640850/110120%20Neutron%20repulsion.pdf

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