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Australian cyclone kills over 400 people, worst natural disaster in Australian recorded history February 4, 2011

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Cyclone Mahina struck Bathurst Bay, Australia and the surrounding region with a devastating storm surge on 4 March 1899, killing over 400 people, the largest death toll of any natural disaster in Australian history.

It was a Category 5 cyclone, the most powerful of the tropical cyclone severity categories. In addition, Mahina was perhaps one of the most intense cyclones ever observed in the Southern Hemisphere and almost certainly the most intense cyclone ever observed off the East Coast of Australia in recorded history.

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1. bushausrolf - February 5, 2011

Nice bit of information but what are you trying to say? My guess is you are discrediting the Greens who blame human accelerated global warming for the amount of natural disasters that we have been faced with in recent times. You doubt we have any hand in this?

2. bushausrolf - February 5, 2011

Person made Climate Change?
To me its a no brainer. Let me explain.
After the Plague the world population was at its lowest they guess about 350 million. The only source of heat was a fire. Along came the Industrial Revolution and on top of 1.5 billion heating there home with a fire came Industry. The invention of the combustion engine as amode of transport came a long. Sure convenient, but how hot is a horses fart compared to a V8 with 4000qcm running at 2000 rpm pumping warmer air through its exhaust at a rate of 8000l per minute? You see I don’t even mention CO2 or other substances in the exhaust gases just pure cold air in warmer out.
Now 20 years ago people swept there footpath with a broom now its a mechanical blower. Population is at 6.5 billion sources of heat are massive in every household and still some people need scientific evidence?????

3. PandR - February 5, 2011

bushausrolf, you must be from the city. Big cites in the horse era had inches of horse shit, sometimes a foot, on the roads. Horse shit smells as it decomposes producing large quantities or aromatic hydrocarbons, methane, and generates huge amounts of heat. The introduction of cars dramatically cut pollution and cooled the pavement.
The biggest problem with the whole global warming scare is that it’s an excuse for Governments to stop preparing for REOCCURRING NATURAL weather changes. It’s also a great excuse for taxing the poor, keeping the little people in there place.

4. Bush bunny - February 5, 2011

My grandfather was in the Australian Station of the Royal Navy in 1899 (BRITISH R.N.) He did mention a bad storm that destroyed some American naval ships. I’ll check out his notes on this.
He was around the area at the time nr Moreton Bay
in Qld. (I think that was the place).

I agree with the above poster, Sen.Brown is AGW obsessed. And other climate alarmists must now
admit, that there are so many physical variables
that control our weather, and humans ain’t one of
them, although we try in vain to make rain? LOL.

Pollution in highly populated areas, I will agree
are unhealthy to those humans in the areas effected. Land degradation, cutting down heaps of trees in the Amazon basin, can shift precipitation patterns effecting immediate areas.
Humans can effect their immediate environment, but
all the AGW and carbon taxes are not the answer.

The UHI Urban heat Island) effect of course is correct, but you go out 15 kms from any major city, and the surface temps naturally decrease.
temps will drop.

5. grumpy - February 5, 2011

So what you are saying is that CO2 is not the driver of climate change but anthropolically produced heat is? Interesting, and looking forward to your published research. It is just as good a theory as CO2 or pirates or the price of postage stamps.

6. Mervyn Sullivan - February 5, 2011

The art of climate change deceit (practised by man-made global warming alarmists in Australia, like the Australian Greens, and self-appointed climate gurus like economist, Ross Garnaut) is about persuading the general public into believing that these weather events in Australia are unprecedented, and are all caused by CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels… hence, the reason why Australia must have a carbon tax to resolve these weather events. It is laughable!

The last thing these climate charlatans want you to hear is the truth, and what real climate scientists are saying is the cause of these events e.g. the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, La Nina, etc etc etc. Nothing to do with CO2.

The climate charlatans want everyone to believe that am insignificant inert gas, CO2, representing 0.038% of the atmosphere is driving global warming and climate change based on a flawed greenhouse gas theory that goes against the Ist and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics.

(When scientists came up with the greenhouse effect, if they had known at the time about the direct relationship between temperature and atmospheric pressure, the greenhouse effect would never have evolved.)

Anyone who cares to delve into the past weather of Australia will understand that these weather events are certainly not unprecedented. They have always happened … they may have happened with different intensities, but they are normal events that can be expected from time to time.

7. Rod from Bris - February 5, 2011

bushausrolf, The point is that there were much bigger floods in 1893 and also in 1841 in Brisbane. I think the world population was much lower and the internal combustion engine wasn’t around either. How do you explain that?

8. Bush bunny - February 5, 2011

I do agree with Mervyn.Absolutely. What the Church of Climatology forgets, that recently floods, etc.,
have occurred in other countries, actually causing more deaths than in Australia.

Humans pollute, but that is another political argument promoted by the Greens to apply to the planet all over, not just regionally.

I put the Church of Climatology in the same category as Scientologists, SD Adventist and Christian creationists, Christian Church of Christ
(Happy clappers and talk in tongues possessed by the Holy Spirit – if they lived in the 18th Century they’d be burnt at the stake! As well as Muslim extremists. All saying if we don’t reform we will die. Come off it!

If anything this planet is subject to solar and galaxy quantum physics, the moon, and also cosmic sub atomic bombardment (that does help create clouds) plus our normal orbit, that creates in Australia, monsoon and cyclonic weather patterns.

Actually, we want water more than anything. But as Mervyn suggests, what Australia is suffering right now is not abnormal, we have to adapt accordingly of course.

Personally, anyone who builds a house in a cyclonic known area, or flood plain has to insure it accordingly. If not the government must take on the responsibility to funding restoration to
build up agriculture etc. Look ‘if’ you live on the St.Andreas rift, or on the side of volcano, well – you should cover you home and business to cover an event that might render your livelihood extinct during an eruption or earthquake.

I pay a levy for bush fires, that I don’t mind, as Australia is subject to bush fires, even though the area I live in is NOT subject to them. I object to paying an insurance levy on floods or tsumanis. I live 3500 ft absl. And not near a river system likely to flood.

Anyway – I wonder what foreign countries funded or sent donations to our Queensland floods and cyclones, eh?

9. bushausrolf - February 6, 2011

Hey guys I’m not saying that any of the recent weather events are related. I’m saying that if you have a closed room (earth) and you go from 1 billion people heating themselves with a fire and loads of trees!! to 6.5 billion with cars, industry,2stroke blowers (put your tongue on the exhaust next time you use yours) and not that many trees it will get warmer.
And if you can’t grasp that you probably believe in the war machine as well and I will plant a tree for ya.peace and out.

10. Marc Hendrickx - February 6, 2011

try 1934 for more “insane” weather…

11. Ian George - February 10, 2011

Brilliant, Marc. How do they get the links to all that?

12. Rolf Schonfeld - February 11, 2011

Okay since you all like to dive into the past.
check this:

and we can argue who is right till the end.
question is only how soon this end comes?

so we should be proactive!

13. racheal camron - July 19, 2011

wow so amazing but so sad

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