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Global warming is dead, let’s move on January 22, 2011

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Global warming is dead, let’s move on

The Australian, January 19, 2011

WE did it. For once, we acted collectively, as humans, huddled together on a fragile planet, rather than as selfish individuals. And we did it: we beat global warming.

So now let’s move on.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, 2010 was Australia’s coldest year since 2001. Since logic tells us the planet can’t be getting hotter and colder at the same time, we can confidently pronounce global warming dead, buried and comprehensively beaten.

This victory happened because individuals pulled together, within nations, and then the nations of the world themselves pulled together. Meetings were held in places such Kyoto. Rousing speeches were made by world leaders. People clapped and felt good about themselves. Documents were signed.

Clearly, with each meeting, each speech, each inked treaty, global warming was pushed back.

Here in Australia, we also did our bit, big time. We declared global warming the great moral challenge of our generation. We talked confidently about doing something or other. (OK, I can’t remember what it was, and we never actually did it, but then we talked about doing something different . . . though maybe not straight away.)

Anyway, it worked, because last year was the coldest year since 2001.

Tim Flannery, Al Gore and others published books and made films. Clearly they deserve a slice of this massive victory over global warming. To them we say: “Thank you, gentlemen, you may now return to private life.”

But now that we know what we can do by dint of collective effort, we should turn to new challenges.

For example, free trade between nations is demonstrably the greatest force there has ever been for the alleviation of poverty, and the equalisation of living standards between nations.

The development of genetically modified crops promises to turn back the tide of hunger and disease in poor countries.

Now that global warming is finished, due attention can be given to these issues.

But before all of that, I think we’ve earned a moment’s pause, just to give ourselves a pat on the back.

We did it. We acted together. We killed global warming.

And now we will never have to hear anything about it, ever again.

The Australian, January 19, 2011



1. Oliver K. Manuel - January 22, 2011

Congratulations! Yes, indeed, global warming is dead.

But the unholy alliance [World leaders, US National Academy of Sciences, UK Royal Society, UN’s IPCC, Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, government research agencies, government and private news media, editors of leading research journals – Science, Nature, PNAS, etc. – that used science as tool of propaganda] is still intact.

The deep roots of the Climategate scandal, going back to the 1969 Apollo Mission to the Moon, are exposed in a new paper on “Neutron Repulsion”


The paper – to appear in The APEIRON Journal – reviews decades of “overlooked” experimental data that show:

Earth’s heat source is a neutron star, obscured from view by brightly glowing waste products (91% H & 9% He) in the solar photosphere.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

2. Eric Baumholder - January 22, 2011

So long as people continue paying billion$ for studying global warming, or advocating efforts to ‘combat’ global warming, the issue itself will not go away.

3. Ben Gray - February 13, 2011

I am frustrated that the vast majority of people who weigh in on the climate change debate are missing the point entirely. From the moment our ancestors donned cured skins to ward off the cold we’ve refused to be at the mercy of our climate, so why start now?

There is evidence strongly suggesting our collective industrial activities CAN and DO influence the climate on a global scale. Am I alone in thinking that in some instances we SHOULD be doing exactly this?

I advocate continued research in climate change purely because I believe it need no longer be a “natural cycle”. With our fingers poised on our planet’s thermostat dial we would be taking great steps in ensuring the long-term survival of our species and the amazing biodiversity we preside over.

Currently our actions are that of a child playing with the controls of a reverse cycle air conditioner. Please let’s be sure of what we are doing, lest we receive a well-deserved smack on the bum.

4. Jeremy - February 20, 2011

Coldest year for a decade in Australia, sure. Joint hottest year on record worldwide.

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