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The Cancún Agreement—Agreeing to Someday Make Difficult Decisions December 15, 2010

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The Cancún Agreement—Agreeing to Someday Make Difficult Decisions

By Institute for Energy Research
CFP, December 13, 2010

The outcome of the U.N.’s climate meeting in Cancún meeting was what we expected. Media reports describe it as “A near-consensus decision” but these happy reports don’t explain that the agreement was “a near-consensus decision” to not make any difficult decisions yet.

The conference did not reach agreement on a target date for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, there is no guarantee that the countries will honor their pledges to reduce emissions or improve efficiency, and no detail how a “green fund” will be created to help developing countries, not how the money will be spent.

The conference also did not agree on what to do about the expiring Kyoto Protocol. Set to expire in 2011, there is no replacement for Kyoto. Adding insult to lack of action, Japan itself has flatly stated that it will not agree to a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol. Other nations will follow suit.

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1. Bush bunny - December 15, 2010

Well what did we expect. With the NSW selling our
electricity to overseas investors including China,
hardly see China or Japan signing any agreement to
pay tax on Carbon emissions.

A waste of time. CO2 or carbon emissions or mainly AGW does not influence climate change. The only ones pushing this are the Al Gorians the IPCC and those countries who wish to tax developed countries believing all their ills are caused by developed countries carbon emissions. Atolls do sink. King tides do encroach on land on islands, and king tides do encroach in Cairns (Nth Qld) down the gutters on their main street. What kills us is environmental non human activated disasters. (other than AIDS and human/species virus’) Earthquakes, Tsunamies, Meteor or Asteroid impacts, and Volcanic eruptions. We are an ice planet and enjoying an interglacial. But cities do create a UHI (Urban Heat Island) that do increase atmospheric temperatures, but go 10 kms out of the city and the temp lowers. This climate change fraud motivated by people by Al Gore, the IPCC are politically and financially motivated. We are heading for a worst climate change another ice age, and then we will be in trouble.

2. Mervyn Sullivan - December 16, 2010

In 2007, the British High Court exposed the truth about “An Inconvenient Truth”… that it was a political rather than a scientific movie, and that it contained a number of ‘convenient untruths’ that were not supported by any science.

Recently, a New Zealand Court was the venue in which New Zealand’s shonky manipulated official temperature record was exposed, which caused the NZ government to then conveniently disown the temperature record declaring there was no official NZ temperature record. How convenient!

It proves that when the evidence of the tree hugging warmist disciples of the IPCC is tested in a Court of Law, it gets exposed for what it is… baseless nonsense.

And that is what is required to stop the IPCC juggernaut. It’s ‘settled science’ on catastrophic man-made global warming needs to be challenged in a Court of Law. That is the only way to put this nonsense to bed, once and for all.

But how do we make this happen?

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