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Star warmists are ripping us off November 17, 2010

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Star warmists are ripping us off

By Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, November 17, 2010

DICK Smith and his two helicopters aren’t just evidence that global warming is the first faith preached exclusively by hypocrites.

Our petrol-powered greenie also demonstrates a bizarre chasm between private behaviour and public policy that should warn us we’re being ripped off.

Smith, in a profile in Good Weekend on Saturday, once more banged his warmist drum.

Having criss-crossed the world by chopper and private plane, the entrepreneur declared: “After my research, it is most likely that humans are affecting climate.”

Er, one human in particular, Dick.

As the same article made clear, few of us would have pumped out more emissions than Smith, even though he’s the one claiming these gases are suffocating the planet.

For instance: “He has a holiday house, a farm with a homestead, a large house with a swimming pool, two cars, a steam train and all that owning three separate households entails.

“He’s very open but for some reason refuses to confirm just how many aircraft he owns – there are at least two helicopters and a jet.”

Smith objects that cutting back on his joy rides would “make no measurable difference”, and change really had to come from governments.

Decoded, that means governments must pass laws to force the rest of us to make the sacrifices Smith will not.

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